Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Empire Strikes Bends

Here's what I saw when I tried watching The Empire Strikes Back with Radiohead's The Bends (started after the second 20th Century drumroll) on November 21, 2005:

- The Wampa attack coincides with the weird spacey noise at the end of "Planet Telex."

- Thom Yorke sings "where do we go from here?" as Leia overhears Han saying good-bye to General Rieekan. A few moments later, Thom intones "my baby's got the bends" when Han gets all huffy with the Princess and storms off.

- "High and Dry" begins as the film wipes to Luke hanging upside down in the Wampa's cave.

- Han's tauntaun falls over as Thom Yorke warbles "it wears 'em out" in "Fake Plastic Trees."

- Yorke sings "used to fly like Peter Pan" as the film cuts to a fleet of Star Destroyers.

- Darth Vader chokes his first Imperial underling while some weird feedback plays in "Nice Dreams." As soon as the feedback stops, the Imperial dude falls to the ground, dead.

- The Rebel shield generator blows up just when the somber guitar begins in "Bulletproof...I Wish I Was."

Shocking stuff! Yes, I'm being sarcastic!


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