Monday, January 09, 2006

Appetite for Star Wars

Well, I tried watching the second half of Star Wars the other day with another playthrough of La Sexorcisto, and it was a total wash. Nothing happened. You'd think that would be frustrating, but it wasn't, really. I mean, it wasn't nearly as frustrating as watching Star Wars with Appetite for Destruction by Guns n' Roses, which I did last night. Some cool stuff happened, but there were a couple would-be synchs that were just a few seconds off. That kind of thing really gets me.

For instance, had I started the album five or six seconds later than I did, the line "I see your sister in a Sunday dress" from "It's So Easy" would have synched up with Princess Leia's first appearance onscreen (the part where she's putting the Death Star plans into R2-D2). Also, the "see me hit you, you fall down" line would have matched up with Vader crushing that one guy's neck and tossing him aside. Talk about a near miss.

Of course, had I not started Appetite when I did (after the second drumroll, as usual), I wouldn't have witnessed these very interesting and occasionally hilarious moments:

- The Star Destroyer's shadow covers the Tantive IV at the same moment the breakdown in "Welcome to the Jungle" begins.

- Flames on the door the stormtroopers burst through start the moment Axl screeches, "You know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby!"

- When Axl says, "It's gonna bring you down, huh!" at the end of "Welcome to the Jungle," a stormtrooper gets blasted and falls down.

- Darth Vader appears as the first chorus in "It's So Easy" starts.

- Princess Leia turns to run from the stormtroopers as Axl says, "Turn around, bitch, I got a use for you" in "It's So Easy."

- The escape pod containing the droids shoots across the screen as Axl sings, "So come with me, don't ask me where 'cause I don't know" in "It's So Easy."

- Vader is walking down the corridor of the Tantive IV at one point; he stops the moment Axl yells, "Look out!" in "Night Train."

- The Jawas emerge from behind the rocks to carry Artoo away at around the same time "Out Ta Get Me" begins.

- As Luke is talking about joining the academy with his Uncle, Axl is screaming, "So far away" in "Paradise City." A moment later, a lyric is heard about a broken heart as Uncle Owen reacts to Luke's desire to leave Tatooine.

- Luke is staring at the twin sunset, longing to leave his Uncle's farm, while Axl is screeching, "I wanna go!" in "Paradise City."

- The lyric "I'm so glad that you showed me" is sung at the same time Luke turns on his father's lightsaber (I think that line's in "Sweet Child O' Mine").

- A "whoa" is heard as Obi-Wan moves his hand during the Jedi mind trick on the Mos Eisley stormtrooper.

- The lyric "I see you standing" in "Rocket Queen" is heard while Garindan is spying on Luke, Obi-Wan, and the droids as they walk to Docking Bay 94.

Lucky thirteen. A few of these are pretty creepy, I think. A couple are just super goofy. Thanks, Axl. I might do another playthrough. Actually, I think I forsee a Use Your Illusion experiment in my immediate future. Gotta kill those hours before dinner somehow.

I need to get to the library to see if they have some of the quote-unquote essential albums I never got around to buying (The White Album, Thriller, anything by Zeppelin). Still need to try Midnight Vultures with the rest of Jedi. Man, too bad no one's paying me for this shit.


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