Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Empire Strikes Who's Next

This latest experiment, The Empire Strikes Back with Who's Next by the Who, was yet another synch that was neither a complete failure nor a stunning breakthrough. Again, the numbers were low, but some of what I saw was almost unbelievable. I submit to you:

- After the Probot lands on Hoth, Roger Daltrey sings the line, "The exodus is here," in "Baba O'Riley."

- The line "to catch you, I'll run and never stop" in "Bargain" plays as Leia is chasing Han through the Rebel base.

- Around the same time Han decides to mount his Tauntaun and search for Luke, Daltrey sings, "I'll gladly give up all I got," in "Bargain."

- When Daltrey sings the line, "Laying on my back," in "Love Ain't For Keeping," Luke is seen laying on his back in the snow.

- When Han Solo finally responds to the search party's radio signals, the lyric "she's coming!" in "Love Ain't For Keeping" is heard.

- Right after Leia calls Han a scruffy-looking nerf herder and he takes offense, the lyric "our love is over" is heard in "The Song is Over."

- The explosion of the Probot coincides with the first brief drum solo-thingy in "The Song is Over."

- The first cable wrap from the snowspeeder around one of the AT-ATs coincides with the first slower part in "Going Mobile."

- "Going Mobile" ends at the same moment the AT-AT stomps on Luke's snowspeeder.

- The lines "I'll move myself and my family aside/if we happen to be left half alive" in "Won't Get Fooled Again" are heard the moment Han decides to fly into the asteroid field (featuring a brief shot of the Millennium Falcon moving sideways).

Ooooo-WEEEE-oooooh! Come on, that last one was spooky! Later tonight, I'm probably going to try Midnite Vultures (which I've been spelling wrong) with Return of the Jedi. That ought to be something (at least that's what I'm telling myself so I stay enthusiastic).


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