Thursday, January 12, 2006

Midnite Vultures of the Jedi

I caught some of James Frey's interview on "Larry King" last night. Mo'fugger must have said "I mean" twenty-thousand times. Didn't convince me. I say he's lying harder than Pete Rose. I guess it doesn't matter, though, since Oprah called up and had his back. If you've got Oprah on your side, you've got it made. She's more powerful than Zangeif and Goro put together.

Anyway, today I threw down on Beck's Midnite Vultures and Return of the Jedi. It made sense to me; if Mellow Gold is Beck's Star Wars, than Vultures is his Jedi - which, I suppose, would make Odelay his Empire Strikes Back. Hey, I should probably try Mellow Gold with Star Wars and Odelay with Empire! There's an idea!

But I digress. This was another so-so synch. Started the CD after the second 20th Century Fox drumroll. The results:

- The Star Wars logo pops on the screen at the same time Beck sings, "When the pixelated doctors moan" in "Sexx Laws." Not related, but funny.

- The weird, spacey noises near the end of "Sexx Laws" play as Darth Vader's shuttle flies towards the screen.

- "Nicotine & Gravy" begins the second the ramp to Vader's shuttle lowers.

- Beck sings the line, "I think we're going crazy" in "Nicotine & Gravy" as the Imperial officer complains, "The Emperor - he asks the impossible! I need more men!"

- The hologram of Luke Skywalker in Jabba's Palace fades in the same time we hear the weird transistor noise in the beginning of "Mixed Business."

- "Get Real Paid" is playing as Princess Leia is bartering with Jabba for Chewbacca.

- The line "we go solo" in "Peaches & Cream" is heard as Han Solo (encased in carbonite) drops to the floor of Jabba's Palace (lame, I know).

- A voice starts to repeat the phrase, "Do you wanna feel this?" in "Hollywood Freaks" when Jabba commands his henchmen to bring Princess Leia to him.

- The laughter at the end of "Peaches & Cream" coincides with Han's reaction to the news that Luke is now a Jedi.

- Beck sings the line, "Soon you'll be a figment of some infamous life" in "Broken Train" as the camera cuts to the Rancor just seconds before Luke brings the gate crashing down upon the beast.

- We see a shot of a very shiny C-3PO as Beck sings, "shining like crystal tiaras" in "Broken Train."

- Beck sings, "Got a little sympathy for ya" in "Debra" as Han says to Lando, "Good luck - you're gonna need it."

I noticed that the lyrics for "Debra" aren't printed in the booklet for Midnite Vultures. Is this because Beck fans are supposed to know the lyrics, since he wrote that song a long-ass time before recording it and performed it a whole bunch? That's a know. You know.


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