Saturday, January 21, 2006


So you know how I was up for that job in Nevada? You don't? Well, sometime after Christmas, I applied for a job with a small newspaper in upstate Nevada, and about two weeks ago they called and interviewed me. For a little while there, it looked like your old pal Jim Greene was going to have to ride his wagons west. Yup, it would have been a fresh start in Ely, NV, population 4,000. Sounded like my kind of place. Small, relaxed, lots of nature and shit. I was down.

Unfortunately, my prospective employer called last night to inform me the job had been offered to someone else. Rats. My only hope now is if this other person fails their drug test, but what's the likelyhood of them being a hopeless cokehead? The odds on that have to be like a zillion to one. Oh well. There's always the SAT evaluating job I'm supposed to start in March. Yippee!

In synch news, my boy Shane made a good suggestion the other day - theme weeks. Why the f not, right? This coming week's theme will be Aerosmith. I'll post the specific albums I plan to use tomorrow. Week after that will probably be Monsters of Alternative Nineties Rock. Stay tuned. This shit's about to heat up.

Guess what? I'm the drummer in Racin for Pinks again. Matt's still on guitar and vox. Joe is still on bass. Some guy named Chopper might be joining on lead guitar. We might actually do something again before the end of the Bush administration.


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