Thursday, January 05, 2006

Odelay of the Jedi

Last night my friend Shane suggested I try using Beck's Odelay with Return of the Jedi. His instincts serve him well; this was the most successful synch I've had since La Star Wars Cisto. As usual, I started the album right after the second 20th Century Fox drumroll. The following shit blew my mind:

- The scream that precedes "Lord Only Knows" sounds as Bib Fortuna first appears onscreen.

- Beck sings the line, "You'll do whatever you please, and I'll do whatever I can" as Luke's hologram materializes before Jabba the Hutt to offer a deal for Han Solo's life.

- The beat drop on the last chorus of "New Pollution" coincides with Oola's fall into the Rancor pit.

- Beck sings, "I dropped my anchor in the dead of night" as Leia is about to drop Han Solo from Jabba's wall and free him from the the dead of night.

- The first real heavy part of "Novocane" starts roughly the same time Jabba's laugh is heard after Leia rescues Han.

- As the door to Jabba's palace opens to let Luke in, the real heavy part of "Novocane" near the end of the song kicks in. The song gets quiet again as the film cuts to Jabba sleeping. Then, as Luke enters the throne room and Jedi mind tricks Bib Fortuna, the feedback that end the song starts, only fading away after Luke attempts to Jedi mind trick Jabba and fails.

- The soundclip of the guy saying, "What about those who swing both ways, AC/DC?" in "Where It's At" plays during an extended head shot of C-3PO.

- Beck sings the lines, "the last survivor of a boiled crap, another casualty with the casual frown" in "Derelict" as Leia strangles Jabba to death.

- Beck sings, "I don't need no wheels, I don't need to gasoline" in "Sissyneck" at the same time we see the Millennium Falcon and Luke's X-Wing flying away from Tatooine.

- Beck sings, "If I said to you that I was lookin' for a place to get to" in "Sissyneck" as R2-D2 inquires Luke about their destination.

- Yoda dies at the exact moment the classical music break comes in "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)." His body fades away as Beck sings, "High 5, more dead than alive."

- The line "stuck together, one and all" in "Ramshackle" repeats numerous times as the Rebels go over the Death Star plans before the Endor battle.

I want to finish Jedi tonight with Midnight Vultures, but I currently don't have a copy. I know a few people who do - maybe I can borrow one before midnight. I might just play Odelay over again from where I am in Jedi. I didn't realize that was something the Dark Side of the Rainbow people did with The Wizard of Oz. They start Dark Side of the Moon again after it ends the first time, and there are even more synchs. Then they do it a third time, and there are even more synchs!

I also didn't know they got 62 synchs on the first playthrough, either. That kind of puts my twenty-something on La Star Wars Cisto to shame. Maybe there's another album out there that will yield more synchs with Star Wars than La Sexorcisto. Maybe I should try La Sexorcisto again, repeating it like I was talking about in the above paragraph. I bet I get over 60 that way. Ah, but I'd rather get 60+ on the first playthrough now that I know the full details of Dark Side of the Rainbow.

God, I think I'm becoming obsessed.

Anyway, mad props to Shane Bales for his suggestion. If anyone else has something they think I should try or would like me to try, let me know. I'm open, people. Either comment here or e-mail me.


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