Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alderaan Idiot: Second Playthrough

I did a second playthrough of American Idiot with Star Wars last night, and it yielded twenty-one more synchs. That's the most I've ever gotten on a second playthrough. I started the album right after Obi-Wan says, "You'd better get on with your exercises" to Luke aboard the Millennium Falcon. Here's what I saw:

- The line "welcome to a new kind of tension" in "American Idiot" is heard during the heated chess match between the droids and Chewbacca.

- The line "for that's enough to argue" in "American Idiot" is heard as Luke and Han discuss the plausibility of the Force.

- As the Millennium Falcon is approaching the Death Star, the phrase "city of the dead" is repeated in "City of the Damned."

- The phrase "I leave behind" is heard in "Tales From Another Broken Home" as Obi-Wan leaves the Death Star control room to deactivate the tractor beam.

- Immediately after Chewbacca growls at Luke regarding the handcuff situation, the line "hear the dogs howling out of key" is heard in "Holiday."

- The line "just 'cause, just 'cause because we're outlaws, yeah!" in "Holiday" is heard as Luke and Han, disguised as stormtroopers, are shooting all the Imperial soldiers in the detention block.

- As Luke is jogging down the detention block corridor, looking a little unsure of where he's going, the line "don't know where it goes" in "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is heard.

- "Are We The Waiting" starts right after Han says, "it's worse" when the Rebels are trapped in the trash compactor; "St. Jimmy" starts the second Artoo shuts down all the trash compactors on the detention level.

- The line "and screaming" in "Are We The Waiting" coincides with a shot of Chewbacca screaming.

- We see Princess Leia arguing with Han as the line "I can't take this feeling anymore" is heard in "Give Me Novacaine."

- There are at least two instances where a shot of a stormtrooper dying coincides with the lyric "give me novacaine."

- We see Luke looking depressed aboard the Millennium Falcon after Obi-Wan has died the same time we hear the line "somedays he feels like dying" in "Extraordinary Girl."

- Kathleen Hanna intones the first "nobody likes you" as the TIE fighters descend upon the Millennium Falcon.

- When we hear the line "you're not the Jesus of Suburbia" in "Letterbomb," Han is pointing at Leia and talking, and it looks like this is exactly what he's saying to her.

- The line "there's a glow of light" in "Homecoming" coincides with a shot of the X-Wings taking off from Yavin 4. All you can see in this shot are the glowing lights of the X-Wings' engines.

- A shot of Darth Vader aboard the Death Star right before the Rebel attack coincides with the line "his life on the line with anxiety now" in "East 12th St."

- We see a shot of the X-Wings flying through the Death Star trench as we hear the line "here they come marching down the street" in "We're Coming Home Again."

- The shot of the first Rebel pilot firing his proton torpedos at the exhaust port and missing the target coincides with a "nobody likes you" in "We're Coming Home Again."

- Right after Biggs, the last pilot aside from Luke in the Death Star trench, is killed, we hear a very quiet part in "Whatsername," which segues into a very noisy part.

- The really noisy part towards the end of "Whatsername" ceases right as Han shows up and blasts Vader out of the trench.

- The album ends at exactly the same moment Luke fires his proton torpedos into the exhaust port, blowing up the Death Star.

So that's fifty-six synchs in all. Exciting stuff. I'll find a few spare hours this week to spin American Idiot with Empire and Jedi, and I'll post the results next weekend (or sooner, if something monumental happens).

I hate to harp on this, but it just blows my mind that this album is about fifteen minutes longer than Dark Side of the Moon and I had to spin it twice with Star Wars to get a number that was a few digits less that what you get with one spin of DSOTM and Oz. I'm beginning to think Pink Floyd planned that junk.


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