Friday, February 24, 2006

Bantha in the Rain



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Disc Four of the Led Zeppelin box set. According to the storyteller theory (a term I totally just made up), this last disc finds the three surviving members of Zep coming to terms with their legacy years after the group's breakup. Features one of my absolute least favorite songs of all time - "Fool in the Rain." There's also "Houses of the Holy," "In The Light," and a bunch of other tunes you've heard on the radio a bajillion times (it's amazing how much stuff from Led's late period makes the rounds on FM).

As usual, I started this sucker right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The weird guitar noise right before the solo in "In the Evening," which kind of sounds like an explosion, coincides with the Stormtroopers blasting through the door and opening fire on the crew of the Tantive IV.

- The lyric "got to have" in "In the Evening" is repeated as Darth Vader crushes that guy's neck aboard the Tantive IV. Vader was choking that guy because he "got to have" the intercepted Death Star plans.

- We see the Tusken Raiders crouched behind a rock, scoping out Luke and Threepio riding by in the landspeeder, as we hear the line "what's that creeping up behind a-you?" in "Wearing and Tearing" (okay, technically, they're not behind Luke and Threepio, they're more to the side of them, but they are creeping...or at least being creepy).

- In "Poor Tom," the line "there ain't nothin' you can hide from Tom" is heard right as Obi-Wan makes the Krayt dragon noise to scare the Tusken Raiders away from Luke's landspeeder.

- The line "my heart, it sinks to the ground" is heard in "Fool in the Rain" as Luke spots the charred remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

- Han Solo slides slowly into view for the first time as we hear the line "you'll find the road" in "In the Light" (Han Solo is the "road" Obi-Wan and Luke find to take them to Alderaan).

- As Obi-Wan leaves Luke to deactivate the Death Star's tractor beam, the line "is this to end or just begin?" is heard in "All of My Love." The answer? Both! Obi-Wan's life is to end a few minutes later, but Luke's journey to becoming a Jedi is just beginning.


Not exactly one for the record books. Better than yesterday's experiment, though. More synchs and slightly less boring songs. Yeah, I said it. Meet me on the playground if you've got something to say.

You know, I once had a discussion with an older rock fan who informed me, quite firmly, "if you want to get laid, listen to Led Zeppelin." I just spent four days listening to Led Zeppelin, I didn't get laid once. Another myth busted.

The Led done been got out. Hope you enjoyed it. Next week, I'm trying American Idiot, The Chronic, and Dark Side of the Moon with Empire and Jedi. Here's the breakdown:

2/27: American Idiot with The Empire Strikes Back
2/28: American Idiot with Return of the Jedi
3/01: The Chronic with The Empire Strikes Back
3/02: The Chronic with Return of the Jedi
3/03: Dark Side of the Moon with The Empire Strikes Back

If I have time, I'll do Dark Side of the Moon with Jedi and post it on 3/04. Double true.


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