Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gettin' the Led Out

Alright, this coming week is Led Zeppelin, and this is how it's going down. I have now in my possession the four discs that make up the box set with the crop circles on it (Boxed Set, as I believe it is officially known). Would I have preferred regular Zep albums? Certainly, but I was at the mercy of the public library system. Everything else was checked out. However, these box set discs are, on average, about twice the length of a regular Zep album. That means I'm subjecting myself to two times the normal amount of drugged-out riffs and shrieked lyrics about Hobbits - just for you!!! I hope you can appreciate that.

But I digress. I'm gonna try Star Wars with all four discs, posting the results chronologically Monday through Thursday. For Friday, I'll pick a disc at random and spin it with The Empire Strikes Back - unless, of course, during the week I happen to acquire a Zep oddity, such as Jim Nabors Sings Physical Graffiti or A Banjo Tribute to Led Zeppelin. In that case, I'll spin the oddity with Star Wars.

So there you have it. Starting Monday we will officially be "Gettin' the Led Out." Ready your trouser snakes. I can't wait.


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