Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going to Yavin 4



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Disc Two of the Led Zeppelin box set. Culls tracks from the group's middle period (Led Zeppelin III through Physical Graffiti), a.k.a. when Zep ruled the world. "Black Dog," "Misty Mountain Hop," and "Rock and Roll" are among the classics here. Also contains the mother of all monster ballads - "Stairway to Heaven." If we are to believe the theory I touched upon yesterday concerning the box set's track listing as Zeppelin's story, then Disc Two relays all the decadence and debauchery the Leds saw while they were at the top.

As usual, I started this disc right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The line "come on now, well let me tell you what you're missing" in "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" is heard as Princess Leia's hologram appears to Luke.

- The distant screaming at the end of "Going To California" begins at the same moment the Tusken Raider pops up and starts screaming at Luke.

- As Darth Vader applies the Force choke to Admiral Motti aboard the Death Star, the line "you hurt me to my soul" is heard in "D'yer Mak'er."

- The line "tell me that I'm free to ride" in "Gallows Pole" coincides with a shot of the Jedi mind tricked Stormtrooper waving Luke's landspeeder through Mos Eisley.

- Alderaan blows up during the break in "Rock and Roll" where Jimmy Page plays that hammer-on part.

- "Stairway to Heaven" starts as we see two Stormtroopers walking up the platform into the Millennium Falcon, where they are ultimately shot and (presumably) killed.

- The real heavy part of "Stairway" ends and slows down for that last refrain at the same moment Luke opens Princess Leia's cell door and she comes into view.


Not much went on here, as you can see. It was hard to stay focused towards the end there. "The Rain Song" and "Stairway," back to back? That's two eight minute epics in a row! Come on, Jimmy! You're killing me! I ain't got time for this nonsense!


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