Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Last week I borrowed Dark Side of the Moon from Angela with the sole intent of using it for a synch experiment. I was going to wait and include it in a "Monsters of Boring Seventies Rock" theme week, but then I thought better of myself. This was Dark Side of the Moon, the record that kicked off the whole synchronicity hullabaloo. I had to bust this one out post haste, as I like to say, and do a special report, as I'm doing right now.

Welp, I was blessed with an extra forty-two minutes this afternoon after filing my taxes, so I took a deep breath and threw down on some Pink Floyd/Star Wars action.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

On the first playthrough, I got twenty-two synchs. Twenty-two. That beats my original experiment, La Star Wars Cisto, by one. White Zombie has officially been dethroned, you guys. As of 3:32 P.M., February 1, 2006, Pink Floyd are the new Star Wars synch masters. Somewhere, Rob Zombie is shedding a cold tear (or his cell phone just briefly lost reception).

Although this is still nowhere near the sixty-some odd synchs The Wizard of Oz gets with Dark Side of the Moon on its first playthrough, it's still very exciting. I'm going to do a second playthrough either tonight or tomorrow, and I'll post the results Friday evening (after the final Monster of Alternative Nineties Rock has been posted).


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