Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anarchy in the GSWSP

As I mentioned yesterday, next week I'm doing the Sex Pistols on the GSWSP. Since they only officially recorded two albums (Never Mind the Bollocks and Filthy Lucre Live), it's going to be a bit tricky.

For one day, I will have to use the soundtrack to The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle, which, despite being filed under the name "Sex Pistols," is really more of a Malcolm McLaren/Steve Jones/Paul Cook/Sid Vicious album. I'm looking forward to it, though. The material is so weird and varied on there that it should make for an interesting experiment.

Speaking of Steve Jones, I've got Neurotic Outsiders, and it's in the fold as well. Something has to represent the Pistol's post-Pistol output. I currently do not own anything by the Professionals or the Rich Kids, Sid Sings is too garbled, and Public Image should really get their own week. As for Jonesy's two eighties solo records,'s kind of tough to watch Star Wars while you're projectile vomiting (sorry, Steve).

The last day goes to a very good Pistols bootleg I obtained a number of years back called Live in Trondheim. It was recorded on July 21, 1977, at the height of the band's infamy. It's the second best Pistols boot I've ever heard, right behind the Longhorn Ballroom recording (which I used to have on tape). That reminds me; I still haven't gone on that road trip to all the places the Sex Pistols played on their 1978 U.S. tour. I gotta do that like yesterday.

Anywho, here's next week's schedule:

3/20 - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
3/21 - The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle
3/22 - Filthy Lucre Live
3/23 - Neurotic Outsiders
3/24 - Live in Trondheim

I'm doing this partly because of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame stink that occurred recently. The Sex Pistols were chosen to be inducted, but they didn't attend the induction ceremony because the Hall charges its inductees upwards of three thousand dollars just to get a seat. Instead, the Pistols stayed home and sent a nasty letter comparing the Hall to "urine in wine" and featuring numerous misspellings (which Steve Jones later took credit for). Jann Wenner, possibly the biggest walking example of corporate bullshit, read the letter at the ceremony.

Since I think that fee is total crap (and because I like 'em so much), I decided to give the Pistols a week on my blog. Here's to you, Sex Pistols! You're always welcome here, and I won't charge you one red cent! I think you guys are really boss, and I hope one day I get to shake all your hands. Good on ya!

Seriously, if you're honoring someone for anything, particularly for making a contribution to the history of rock n' roll, how can you charge them anything to come to the ceremony? They're the guest of honor! Is that how the Hall makes its money? Are not enough people paying admission in Cleveland to see Pete Townshend's socks? What's going on up there?


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