Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chasing the Droid



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Too Tough To Die, the 1984 comeback album from the Ramones. After three consecutive spotty records in the early eighties, punks began to talk. Was the party over? Were the Ramones, the genre's flagship band, finally out of steam?

Ah, well, as a matter of fact, no. The party was not over. Not yet, anyway.

Here, Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee proved they still had some great tunes in 'em. "Mama's Boy," "Wart Hog," "Chasing the Night," "Howling at the Moon," "Daytime Dilemma," and of course, the totally rockin' title cut. Many credit the album's success to the return of estranged brother Tommy as producer. Sometimes, family knows best.

As usual, I started the album right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The chorus of "Tough Guy" ("I'm a t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tough guy...") is heard as we see Darth Vader choking the Rebel soldier.

- "Danger Zone" is playing as R2-D2 rolls through the canyon where the Jawas are waiting to capture him.

- The line "let's go" is heard in "No Go" as Obi-Wan suggests to Luke that he is to come to Alderaan with him.

- The line "I wanted to go, oh ho" is heard a couple times as Luke laments the fact that he can't go fight the Empire.


Yeah, I'm gonna do it again. Are you ready? Okay, good. Here we go:

Well, this was a "No Go!" I felt like I was "Chasing the Night" here! Too Tough To Die? More like Too Tough To Synch!

Thank you, thank you, you're too kind. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to do it without you.

You know, I read an interview once with Mark Hamill where he talked about finding out his son was into the Ramones and how it tweaked his melon because he's into the Ramones. I believe in the same interview he mentioned something about having recorded every single episode of "Seinfeld" on blank VHS tapes.

No real point here, just talkin' 'bout Hamill.


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