Friday, March 31, 2006

Grave Darth Vader



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Grave Disorder by the Damned. This one's surprisingly strong, considering only two original members were involved (singer Dave Vanian and guitarist Captain Sensible). Guess we know where the talent lies. Marred slightly by topical references (dot coms, the 2000 election), but still lots of moody goth punk fun.

As usual, I started this bad boy right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The phrase "black night" in "Thrill Kill" coincides with a shot of Darth Vader (I heard it as "black knight").

- R2-D2's collapse on Tatooine (after the Jawa shoots him) coincides with the exact end of "Thrill Kill."

- The line "you want some action baby, yeah" in "Lookin for Action" is heard as Luke rolls his eyes and complains that he'll never get off Tatooine.

- "Amen" begins as Obi-Wan revives Luke.

- The phrase "baptize our sister" is heard in "Amen" as Princess Leia's hologram appears before Luke and Obi-Wan.

- In "Obscene," the line "we begin to smell the kill" coincides with a shot of the bloody arm lying on the floor of the cantina (presumably that arm had some kind of odor).


Nothing to write home about, eh, gov'nah? Can you tell I've been enjoying too much British media lately? Some of my mates at work turned me on to a programme called "Peepshow" about two blokes who live in a flat and think nasties about each other. It's a real crack-up. I've been thinking, talking, and writing in a British manner ever since I sawr it. Lissenin' to awl this Damned 'asn't 'elped.

Cor, blimey, you rottah! Go Arsenal!


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