Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One Way Droid



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Music for Pleasure, album numero dos from the Damned. Generally considered the weakest slab of wax in their discography. Tight schedule plus uninterested producer plus unnecessary second guitarist equals not so good, Al. Lacks oompf. Better than the Clash's second record, though.

As usual, I started this bad boy right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- In "Don't Cry Wolf," the line "help us smash it up" coincides with the door of the Tantive IV bursting into flames (it does so exactly on the word "smash").

- The choking of the Rebel soldier by Darth Vader coincides with a couple of lines in "One Way Love": "she don't care about your miseries/there ain't nothing you can do." The same lines are heard a few scenes later when Vader confronts Princess Leia and she complains about his Imperial invasion.

- The drums in "Idiot Box" start as R2-D2 comes to in sandcrawler.

- "Idiot Box" ends right when the Jawa switches R2 off during the auction.

- The line "you make me feel real sick" in "You Take My Money" coincides with a shot of Luke rolling his eyes.

- During "You Can't Fool Me," the line "the action's begun, you can't fool no one" is heard as the Tusken Raider attacks Luke.


I really dig that eye-rolling thing with Luke and "you make me feel real sick." Not enough stuff has corresponded with the subtle actions of the characters in these experiments so far. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head is the "bus stop" thing from the Replacements experiment I did a few months back (Paul Westerberg repeats the line "bus stop" numerous times in "Hanging Downtown," and each time he says it, Darth Vader turns his head a different way).

Somewhat related note: I never knew the chorus to "Stretcher Case Baby" was "thirteen with a problem." Thanks, Internet! It's amazing how long you can listen to and enjoy certain tunes without having any clue as to what's being said, innit? Like that "Chappelle's Show" skit where they're talking about that one part of the "Good Times" theme song.

"Hangin' in a chow line!"

It took a crack team of research scientists working around the clock for three weeks to figure that one out. Naw, I'm just joshin' ya. Chappelle called up Jimmie Walker and he told him what it was. Dyn-o-MITE!


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