Friday, March 17, 2006

She Talks to Jawas



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Adios Amigos, the final studio album from the Ramones. Much like Too Tough To Die, this album owes a lot of its strength to an estranged Ramone - Dee Dee. He penned six of the thirteen songs here. Well, he didn't actually pen them all specifically for Adios Amigos. Some of the tunes are covers of songs from old Dee Dee solo records. Was that a showing of brotherly love on the part of the Ramones, do you think, or were they just that hard up for material? Only C.J. and Marky know for sure, and they ain't telling.

As usual, I started the album right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The line "I've done all that I can do" is heard in "It's Not For Me To Know" as Darth Vader throws his choking victim to the floor (he has done all he can do to this guy to get him to talk about the Death Star plans).

- As R2-D2 is dragging himself through the inside of the sandcrawler, the line "I was so sad and blue" in "Take The Pain Away" is heard.

- "I Love You" is playing as C-3PO suggests Luke and his Uncle buy R2-D2 from the Jawas (because he loves him and doesn't want to be separated from him ever again).


You know I have to, one last time:

Adios Amigos? ADIOS AMIGOS?! More like Adios Synchs!! Oh ho ho! "Got Alot to Say," but not alotta synchs! EEEEEEE!!! I wish I could "Take the Pain Away," but I can't!

I guess I picked the wrong Ramones albums this week. Oh well, there's only about fourteen others to choose from! "Ramones Week Part Deux" will be coming soon. Not next week, though. Next week is the Sex Pistols. Yippee!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns, potatoes, Bono, the whole lot.


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