Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Circle of Obi-Wan



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


MIA, the complete Germs anthology. You know, the Germs, that band Pat Smear was in before Nirvana. Dude busted out some truly sick riffs back then. The beginning of "No God?" Slays me every time, bro. Every time! Now watch me find out somebody else played that part. I'll look like a complete fool! Oh well, wouldn't be the first time.

[4/28/06: I was informed today by a source close to the Germs that Pat Smear did in fact play all the guitar parts on "No God," as well as every other Germs song. No foolin'. Apparently, though, that beginning part of "No God" is lifted from a Yes song. Still, it's totally sick, and it's totally sick that Pat played it.]


- The line "I am bigger than" in "Forming" is heard as the star destroyer soars into view, chasing the much smaller Tantive IV.

- The line "gimme gimme this, gimme gimme that" in "Lexicon Devil" coincides with Darth Vader choking the Rebel soldier (Vader wants the guy to give him the Death Star plans).

- Vader's choking victim is thrown to the ground and bangs his head againts the wall as the line "I'm a Lexicon Devil with a battered brain" is heard in "Lexicon Devil."

- The phrase "circle of lies" is heard in "Circle of One" as Vader calls out Princess Leia on her lie of being on a diplomatic mission.

- "What We Do Is Secret" plays as the Jawas spy on R2-D2 in the Tatooine canyon (at least once, the chorus of "what we do is secret!" coincides with a shot of a Jawa peeking at R2 from behind a rock).

- The line "I've got this creature on my back" in "Manimal" coincides with Luke's reaction to his Uncle's refusal to let him go to the Academy ("That's a whole 'nother season!").

- During "The Other Newest One," the line "you're not the first, you're not the last" is heard; the camera is on Obi-Wan for the "you're not the first" part, and then it cuts to Luke for the "you're not the last." As we learn in Empire Strikes Back, Obi-Wan was not the first of his kind (Yoda), and Luke is not the last of his kind ("there is another...").

- The chorus of "Caught in My Eye" ("I got you caught in my eye") plays as Garindan spies on Obi-Wan and Luke and tips off the stormtroopers.

- "Lion's Share" is playing as Luke and Han discuss the huge reward they might get for rescuing Princess Leia.


Choose the answer you feel best completes the following sentence:

I did not write any notes for this experiment because ____________ .

A. I couldn't think of anything to say.
B. I couldn't think of anything funny to say.
C. Vinnie Goombats called me and I got distracted.
D. I have become bitter and jaded about the GSWSP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just to let you know...the line from lexicon devil says "im a lexicon devil with a battered brain" not bad temper.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhh also the lyric in manimal is I've got this creature on my back not god's creature on my back

4:21 PM  

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