Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cygnus X-1 Bocchi II



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Hemispheres by Rush. Only four tracks, one of which is an eighteen-minute epic revolving around Greek mythology. Another is a nine minute instrumental. The other two? Just regular ol' three-to-four-minute songs with words. Oh, that wacky Rush.

As usual, I started the album right after the second drumroll in the 20th Century Fox fanfare.


- The quiet part of "Prelude" begins the same time the camera pans down after the scroll fades away.

- As the Star Destroyer passes overhead, the bass thumps begin in "Prelude"; as soon as the camera cuts to the next angle, a frontside view of the Star Destroyer, the bass starts playing its regular part.

- The line "the struggle of the angels has begun" in "Prelude" coincides with shots of the droids and the Rebel soldiers aboard the Tantive IV reacting to the Imperial attack.

- As the Rebels crouch in the corridor awaiting the Imperial invasion, the line "people were divided, every soul a battlefied" is heard in "Prelude."

- Darth Vader's entrance coincides with the first lines of "Apollo," which are "I bring truth and understanding, I bring wit and wisdom fair" (which he really doesn't, but he probably thinks he does).

- A whooshing noise is heard in "Dionysus" as we see the escape pod door close.

- The opening lines of "Armageddon," which are "the universe divided as the heart and mind collided," coincide with Threepio kicking Artoo and deciding to go in a different direction.

- "Cygnus" begins about the time Artoo is shot by the Jawas.

- The gonging at the end of "Cygnus" sounds as Luke appears onscreen for the first time.

- The camera is on Artoo when we hear the line "a boy alone, so far from home" in "Circumstances."

- Right after Luke calls for Artoo to come with him, the line "all the same we take our chances" is heard in "Circumstances."

- The line "there is unrest in the forest" in "The Trees" coincides with a shot of Princess Leia's hologram.

- When the snare drum starts in "La Villa Strangiato," Luke and Threepio look around in the Jundland Wastes as if they can hear it.

- "La Villa Strangiato" gets louder at the same exact moment Luke zooms in on the two Banthas with his binoculars.

- The slow part of "La Villa Strangiato" begins as Luke wakes up and sees Obi-Wan.


This was an awesome experiment. I almost want to try it again because I feel like I may have missed some stuff here and there. I was so busy writing junk down, it was hard to keep my eyes glued to the screen.

Oh, and by the way, Rush-o-philes, I'm totally aware I accidentally swapped the order here, doing Hemispheres before 2112. No need to bombard me with angry e-mails.

I am also aware that I may have spelled "Bocchi" wrong. I don't speak it, so I'm not sure how to spell it.


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