Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Droids Are Alright



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


The Kids Are Alright, the soundtrack to the 1979 documentary of the same name. A collection of live performances and studio cuts spanning the Who's career up to that point. Strangely, the actual song "The Kids Are Alright" is not heard in the movie, nor is it included on the soundtrack. Odd, but forgivable.


- In the interview segment before "My Generation," Tommy Smothers says, "Okay, that's enough!" just as the opening crawl ends.

- One of the many "can't explains" in "I Can't Explain" coincides with a shot of the Rebel soldier being choked by Darth Vader; he is being choked because he cannot offer any explanation as to the whereabouts of the stolen Death Star plans.

- One of the choruses of "I Can See For Miles" is heard as C-3PO is seen walking through the Tatooine desert alone, with nothing in sight for miles.

- "Magic Bus" begins as the Jawas pick R2-D2 up to carry him to the sandcrawler and fades out right before the start of the robot auction (basically, the song plays through all the scenes where we see the sandcrawler moving); the line "to get on the bus that takes me to you" is heard right before R2 is sucked up into the monstrous vehicle (the sandcrawler, obviously, is the "bus" that "takes" R2 to Luke).

- The phrase "rock is dead" in "Long Live Rock" coincides with Luke yelling to Uncle Owen about the broken R5-D4.

- "Young Man Blues" plays through the scene where Luke argues with Uncle Owen about his future; the line "young man ain't got nothin' in the world today" is heard while the camera is on Luke, and moments later, when Uncle Owen is talking about Obi-Wan having died the same time as Luke's father, the line "in the old days when young man was strong" is heard.

- The line "we have a remedy" in "A Quick One, While He's Away" is heard as Obi-Wan Jedi mind-tricks the stormtrooper in Mos Eisley.

- The line "from you, I get opinions" in "See Me, Feel Me" coincides with Han making a sarcastic remark to Luke after the Jedi training ball singes his leg; moments later, as Obi-Wan is reassuring Luke about his skills, the line "from you, I get the story" is heard.

- "Won't Get Fooled Again" begins as we see Luke and Han dressed as stormtroopers, leading Chewbacca to the detention block.


Hands down, the "Magic Bus" synch was the best part. I can totally imagine the Jawas listening to that goofy song all day as they cruise the sands of Tatooine, hijacking stray robots and selling them to moisture farmers at an incredble markup.

Just imagine that! Isn't it fitting? Okay, now imagine a Jawa in a teenager's bedroom, putting Who's Next on a turntable and playing air guitar to "Won't Get Fooled Again." Doesn't that crack you up? I'm giggling like David Arquette over here.

Wait, I just thought of something even funnier. What if a Jawa showed up on "What's Happening!!" and challenged Rerun to a dance off? Now that would be funny. No, wait, wait, I got it - what if a Jawa was caught bootlegging that Doobie Brothers concert instead of Rerun? AHHHHHHH!!! That would hilarious!

Thank you, George Lucas. Thank you for inventing Jawas. Their inherent comical nature makes them ripe for fantasy, and the various situations I can imagine them in are a sweet relief from the painful reality of 2006, a year in which you continue to act like a completely dried-up, insecure money-licker bent on turning Hollywood into one giant green screen.


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