Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hour of Darthness



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Mommy's Little Monster, the 1983 debut album from Social Distortion. Includes "The Creeps," "Another State of Mind," "Hour of Darkness," and the title cut, a rollicking punkabilly number that guys with spiderweb tattoos always get jazzed about when it comes on in bars. I'm not hatin' on those guys, I'm just sayin'...they get jazzed.


- The line "there's gonna be a fight tonight, I know" in "Another State of Mind" is heard as we see R2-D2 looking around the corridor of the Tantive IV (it almost seems like this could be his exact thought at that moment).


Pretty weak, Social D. Maybe if you guys hadn't written so many songs about how awesome punk rock was and tried writing one or two about lightsabers, then we'd be somewhere. Goddamn you, Social D! You let me down!

Am I crazy, or did some kid sue Mike Ness a year or two or three ago for smashing his video camera/teeth in at a Social D concert? They got into an argument about George Bush or something? I'll have to Google "Mike Ness + George Bush + lawsuit" later on. I bet they settled out of court. Ness probably took the money he had saved up for his third solo album, Killin' Time in Purgatory, and bought the kid a new car. Punk rock.

Here's another question: did I make Killin' Time in Purgatory up, or was that really the title of something? I don't know either!


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