Monday, April 17, 2006

Jedi and Strange



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


A Quick One, the Who's second album. Famous for its title track, a nine-minute opus that tells the story of a cheating wife through numerous portions of (seemingly) unfinished songs. Also contains "So Sad About Us," supposedly one of the most covered Who songs in the world. Probably not more covered than "My Generation," but certainly more covered than "You Better You Bet."


- The line "where ever you run, I'll be following you" in "Run Run Run" is heard as we see the star destroyer chasing the Tantive IV over Tatooine.

- The line "now he's up above my head" in "Boris the Spider" coincides with a shot of the Rebel soldiers in the corridor of the Tantive IV looking to the ceiling, listening to the star destroyer that's above them.

- The door on the Tantive IV explodes at the same time the line "heading for the bedroom door" is heard in "Boris the Spider."

- The phrase "I can't see" in "Boris the Spider" coincides with a shot of the smoke-filled corridor.

- "I Need You" starts as C-3PO is seen looking for R2-D2, who he needs to escape; the next shot is of Princess Leia with R2, who she needs to carry the Death Star plans.

- Darth Vader is seen choking the Rebel soldier, trying to get information out of him, at the same time the line "please talk to me again" is heard in "I Need You."

- Three of four stormtroopers are searching for Leia as the line "we want to learn" is heard in "I Need You."

- "Heatwave" starts as we see Threepio walking through the Tatooine desert by himself.

- "Cobwebs and Strange" begins at the same time all the Jawas come out to carry Artoo to the sandcrawler (this is kind of notable because of that scene in The Kids Are Alright where "Cobwebs" begins playing as the members of the Who discover a robotic Keith Moon during an afternoon tea party and play with him).

- The line "let's have a smile for an old engine driver" in "A Quick One, While He's Away" coincides with a shot of Luke piloting his landspeeder across the Jundland Wastes.

- As Luke wakes up after the Tusken Raider attack and looks in disbelief at Obi-Wan, the line "I can't believe it" is heard in "A Quick One, While He's Away."

- The album ends exactly as the film wipes to the exterior of Obi-Wan's homestead.


This experiment marks one of the very few times an album ending has coincided with a major edit in the film. I can't even recall the last time that happened. Hey, maybe it never has. Maybe this is the first instance. Break out the noise makers.

That "Cobwebs and Strange" part is definitely the first time music has matched events that it played behind in other films. Granted, the Jawas were not having a tea party and R2-D2 did not arrive in a giant brown box, but it's close enough for me. Group of people discover a robot, mess around with it, decide keep it. Case closed!

In other news, I wrote up a F.A.Q. last night. Click here to look at it (or just scroll down a little - it's right below this).


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