Saturday, April 08, 2006

La Villa Star Wars

Now this makes a little more sense. The GSWSP livin' at a URL that has Star Wars in the name. Now I know how Larry Dierker felt the first time he stepped on the field at the Astrodome.

Next week I'm doing Rush. It was Shane's suggestion, and he seems to think every single album of theirs will synch up with Star Wars a hundred times over. Let's hope he's right. Here's the way I'll work it (no diggity):

4/10: Fly By Night
4/11: Hemispheres
4/12: 2112
4/13: Permanenr Waves
4/14: Moving Pictures

The guy who lent me all these CDs claims he once read on a Rush message board that 2112 synchs up with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If the sight of Gene Wilder didn't make me nauseous, I'd be down for trying that once.

Oh, I went there.


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