Friday, April 21, 2006

Pictures of Leia

[2:02 P.M., 4/21/06: I didn't realize the blog was set up to only accept comments from registered users. D'oh! I fixed it, so now any ol' jerk can cast their vote for next week. Who's it gonna be, Nirvana or "Monsters of California Punk?" Post a comment below naming your choice, and at midnight I'll declare a winner. Rawk!]



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


BBC Sessions by the Who. Released in 1999, this CD collects all the songs Pete n' Pals laid down for Radio One in their native land of England. The performances are rousing, marred only by the jackass host who feels it necessary to talk over the start of numerous songs. Don't you hate it when people do that?


- One of the many "leavin' heres" in "Leaving Here" coincides with C-3PO walking away from R2-D2 in the desert of Tatooine.

- Pete Townshend is heard saying, "Yeah, we switched it all together" between songs as Luke and Uncle Owen swap out the broken R5-D4 for R2-D2 at the robot auction.

- The first line of "Run Run Run" (which is "run, run, run!") coincides with Obi-Wan reacting to the Tusken Raider cry in the distance and telling Luke they should amscray already.

- The line "ain't the luckiest girl I know" in "Run Run Run" is heard as we see Threepio lying on the ground after the Tusken Raider attack, missing an arm and feeling miserable.

- The phrase "we have a remedy" in "A Quick One, While He's Away" is heard numerous times as Obi-Wan remedies the situation between Dr. Evanzan and Luke in the cantina by slicing Evanzan's arm off.

- The very first "dang!" in "A Quick One, While He's Away" coincides with Han's look of disbelief following Obi-Wan's generous offer for his services.

- The line "I won't get to get what I'm after" is heard in "The Seeker" as we see the star destroyer chasing the Millennium Falcon after it leaves Tatooine (the star destroyer does not get what it's after, because Han and the guys make the jump to hyperspace).


This was a long eighty minutes. Maybe that's because I've listened to so many of these songs already this week. I was thinking about selling BBC Sessions soon, because I want to buy all the other Who albums and this one doesn't offer anything truly unique (aside from some light banter and a few fake radio ads).

Time to figure out what I'm doing next week. It's either gonna be Nirvana or "Monsters of California Punk." Hey, why don't we have a vote on it? Leave a comment on this post for one or the other. Whichever theme gets the most votes by midnight tonight I'll do. I'm mad democratic like that, son.


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Monsters of California Punk gets my vote.

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