Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who's On Blog?

"Say, Mr. Greene, I hear a world famous musical act is going to be appearing on your blog next week."

"That's right, Mr. Finkelstein. Next week, right here on my blog, will be the Who."

"The who?"

"Yeah, that's right, the Who!"

"Wait a minute, I wanna know the name of the band that's gonna be on this blog next week."

"The Who."


"Alright, then we're all squared away."

"What?! How can we be all squared away when you haven't even told me their name?"

"The Who?"



[Finkelstein bites knuckles, audience roars with laughter. Bit goes on like this for approximately forty-five minutes until giant hook slowly comes out from stage right and yanks the vaudevillians off.]


4/17: A Quick One
4/18: The Who Sell Out
4/19: Who's Next
4/20: The Kids Are Alright
4/21: BBC Sessions

Wear your earplugs. It's going to be some loud reading.


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