Monday, May 29, 2006

And Then There's Darth



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


TV Land Presents: Favorite TV Theme Songs. Exactly what the title implies; a buttload of everyone's favorite TV theme songs. "The Brady Bunch," "Good Times," "Dragnet," "Batman," etc. I was sold on this disc when I saw that it contained "What's Happening!!" As you are most likely aware, I am a huge "What's Happening!!" freak (despite the fact that I've been known to spell the title wrong on occasion).


- Darth Vader trots along the corridor of the Tantive IV in time with the beat of "The Andy Griffith Theme."

- The droids go their separate ways on Tatooine as the line "now it's time to say goodbye" is heard in "The Ballad of Jed Clampett."

- A low horn wail in "The Munsters Theme" coincides with the Jawa shooting R2-D2; another more high-pitched horn wail coincides with R2 whining and falling over.

- The line "fresh air!" in "Green Acres" coincides with a shot of a Jawa exiting the sandcrawler into the fresh air of Tatooine.

- The line "freaks were in a circus tent" in "Those Were the Days" coincides with the shot of the Tusken Raider pumping his staff and honking as he attacks Luke.

- "Good Times" starts as Luke wakes up after the Tusken Raider attack and recognizes Obi-Wan.

- The line "we're gonna make it" in "Making Our Dreams Come True" (the "Laverne & Shirley" song) coincides with the shot of Obi-Wan and Luke surveying Mos Eisley from the cliff.

- The last verse of "Making Our Dreams Come True" is heard as Obi-Wan and Luke enter Mos Eisley; the words seem to mirror their attitude ("nothing's gonna turn us back now, straight ahead and on the track now/we're gonna make our dreams come true, doin' it our way"). This extends through the Jedi mind-trick scene with the stormtroopers, during which the line "there is nothing we won't try" is heard.

- The line "don't get in trouble with the Man" is heard in "Chico and the Man" as we see Obi-Wan brandishing his lightsaber after slicing off Dr. Evanzan's arm.

- The last chorus of "Welcome Back" ("welcome back, welcome back, welcome back") coincides with Greedo confronting Han Solo.

- "What's Happening!!" plays during the entire Greedo/Han confrontation scene; right when Han gets up from the booth after killing Greedo, the "Barney Miller" theme starts and plays as he slowly walks out of the Cantina.

- The "Love Boat" theme starts right as Han greets Luke and Obi-Wan in Docking Bay 94 and asks them to board the Millennium Falcon.

- The line "set a course for adventure" in "The Love Boat Theme" coincides with a shot of Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon's navigator.


Did not expect so many amazing moments. The "Barney Miller"/Han Solo thing was my favorite. That song has kind of a weird intro, with the noodly bassline and all, but it perfeclty reflected Han's "I just killed a guy, this is kind of awkward, but I don't really care so I'm going to leave" attitude. Of course, it doesn't really top the "Make All Our Dreams Come True" or "Love Boat" synchs. Should have recorded those. Coulda put 'em on YouTube and become an overnight sensation. Five stars apiece, I bet.

It should be noted that the stormtrooper who finds the piece of C-3PO in the desert and says, "Look, sir - droids!" popped up at the same exact moment the "Green Acres" theme started. That, my friends, was goofier than Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin running around in a biosphere for ninety minutes.

Oh, Bio-dome. I watched you once, expecting big laughs. You let me down. You let me down, Bio-dome, so we're through for good. Seriously, stop calling me. I'm not interested in a direct-to-video sequel.


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