Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bedtime for the Rebellion



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Bedtime for Democracy by Dead Kennedys, their 1986 swan song. Less surf and jazz, more speed and thrash. Production thinner than Lyle Lovett. A few good tunes here and there. "Rambozo the Clown" comes to mind. "Lie Detector," too. First DK record I ever heard. I was in a shed with a kid named Joe, who was tuning a banjo, and he was blasting a dubbed cassette copy on a boombox. Memories, man, I'll tell ya.


- The first lines of "Dear Abby" ("dear abby, got a problem") coincide with the Rebels crouching in the Tantive IV corridor, awaiting the Imperial invasion (not only that, but the first two stops in the song synch up with a couple of the edits).

- The phrase "war is sexy" in "Rambozo the Clown" coincides with a shot of Princess Leia.

- The phrase "goddamn liars" is heard in "Chickenshit Conformist" as Obi-Wan lies to Luke about Darth Vader killing his father.


Bedtime for Democracy? More like Bedtime for Synchronicity! Dear Abby, gotta problem - this experiment was weak! Anarchy may be for sale, but at these prices, nobody's buying! Yuk, yuk, yuk!


I bet you'd really like to hear about the infamous Dead Kennedys book fiasco already. Well, I'd love nothing more than to lay it on you right now, but they kind of expect me to do some work around here for the next seven hours.

Tomorrow, my child, I shall unravel the entire sordid affair in a blog post longer than the Yangtze River. I'm thinking late afternoon, early evening-ish. Don't fret if it doesn't appear before the sun goes down. That just means I'm making it extra special for you.

A Dead Kennedys story, with chocolate chips and marshmallows, just like Grandma used to make!


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