Monday, May 08, 2006

Eat Your Droid



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


80-85, a collection of nearly thirty pre-Suffer Bad Religion tunes. Nothing from the keyboardy, psychedelic Into the Unknown, though. Am I the only person who thinks they should just swallow their pride and rerelease that one? As a casual fan, I'm not about to pay top dollar for it on the bootleg market, but if it was officially released and reasonably priced, I'd definitely pick it up. To paraphrase Mary Woronov, there's a difference between art and bullshit; sometimes, the bullshit is more interesting.


- The line "man's quest for dominance" in "Part III" coincides with Darth Vader's first entrance.

- The line "you'll be down in hell" in "Faith in God" coincides with a shot of the escape pod drifting down to Tatooine.

- As the droids are walking around the surface of Tatooine, the chorus of "Fuck Armageddon...This is Hell" is repeatedly heard (the chorus, by the way, is the same as the title).

- The line "you live your life in darkness" is heard in "In the Night" as we see various shots of broken and run-down droids in the dark corners of the sandcrawler.

- The "hey!" or "ayy!" in the middle of the second "Bad Religion" coincides with Ponda Baba shoving Luke in the cantina.


Not so good, Al. At least some stuff happened.

After this experiment, I can go on record as saying my favorite Bad Religion song from this particular era is "Frogger." Is that song looked down upon in general by hardcore Bad Religion fans? I hope not. I'd hate to get hassled on the street, man. You know, by all those roving gangs of Bad Religion fans who are out looking for trouble.

Oh God, remember that "Seinfeld" where George tried to save the Frogger machine from the pizza place because it had his high score? THAT WAS HILARIOUS!! Not so much the part where he actually tries to evacuate the arcade machine, but the part where he and Jerry return to the pizza place and the chef is a real jerk to them.

"I think I remember why we stopped coming here."

That gets me every time! Yuk, yuk!


Blogger London Stalker said...

1) I agree with the rerelease of Into The Unknown. I do have a bootleg, which wasn't too badly priced, and I actually enjoy it on occasion.

2)As a BR fanatic, I would not hassle you for liking Frogger at all.

3)Seinfeld kicks.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Nelson said...

Wow, that's funny. I was walking around today and I randomly thought of that same episode of Seinfeld [and I haven't seen it for years, don't watch the show anymore].

Into the Unknown is not that hard to find online; if you really want a copy in MP3 post a reply here and I'll get back to you.

1:48 AM  
Blogger james said...

Thank you for offering, Nelson. I will think about it and get back to you.

5:43 AM  

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