Saturday, May 27, 2006

Totally Rockin' Voter Apathy

Here are the results of the hotly contested race for next week's theme:

"Totally Rockin' Greatest Hits & Best Ofs" = 0 votes
"Totally Rockin' Boob Tube Jamz" = 0 votes

It's a tie!

Seriously, folks, what gives? Are you mad at me? Was neither candidate appealing to you? Are you burnt out on voting after "American Idol?" Do you really not care what I do here on the GSWSP, as long as I do something and keep doing it so you have something to read? I'm perplexed!

Well, I'll just go ahead and do "Totally Rockin' Boob Tube Jamz," 'cause that's what I would have voted for. Week after that, I should have all the CDs I need for "Super Sounds of 1980." I actually have all the discs I'd need for "Super Sounds of the Special Editions," but if I don't rock stuff chronologically I get all in a tizzy.

Schedule to be posted later. Time to lay me down to sleep.


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