Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You Are (the Death Star)



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Suffer, Bad Religion's breakthrough 1987 album. Features "You Are (the Government)," "Best For You," and "Do What You Want." Clocking in at just over twenty-six minutes, this is definitely one of the shortest records I've tried so far.


- The line "everybody's looking but they never can see" in "Give You Nothing" is heard as the stormtroopers are looking around the dark hallway on the Tantive IV for Princess Leia.

- The line "so you've got a place that you can call your own" in "Give You Nothing" is heard as R2-D2 opens up the escape pod on the Tantive IV and gets in.

- The camera is looking down on the Jawas, who are carrying R2-D2 to the sandcrawler, as the line "they're all looking down on you" is heard in "Best For You."

- The phrase "well fed" in "Part 4" coincides with a shot of Uncle Owen eating.


I read an interview online yesterday where BR guitarist Brett Gurewitz labeled the changes George Lucas made to the original Star Wars movies as "cheesy." Didn't know you were down with the cause, Mr. Brett. I'll see you in line September 12th.


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