Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Jedis All Droids All Fun



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Initium by Samhain. Danzig ups the spook factor on his first post-Misfits release by slowing everything down and drenching himself in blood. Hot traxx include "Black Dream," "All Murder All Guts All Fun," and "He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named." By the way, Samhain is pronounced "sow-win," and it means November in Irish-talk.


- "Initium," the spoken word/noise piece at the beginning of the album, coincides with the production credits, title, and opening crawl; "Samhain," the actual first song on the album, begins the moment the opening crawl completely disappears.

- "Black Dream" starts as the stormtroopers are blasting their way through the Tantive IV door.

- The phrase "pretty pretty black one" in "Black Dream" coincides with one of the first shots of Darth Vader.

- "All Murder All Guts All Fun" starts the same time as the first Vader choke scene; the song ends as Vader waves for Princess Leia to be taken away.

- The pause in "Macabre" starts as C-3PO turns his body to watch R2-D2 rolling away from him; the song starts up again the same moment 3PO begins moving after R2.

- One of the cymbal crashes in "The Shift" coincides with 3PO hitting R2 on the dome.

- "Archangel" begins right before the first appearance of Princess Leia's hologram.


That pause in "Macabre" with C-3PO really tripped me out. Very dreamlike. Actually, that's a good way to describe Initium on the whole - dreamlike. Maybe that's the power of suggestion; after all, the album does feature a song with "dream" in the title. Yet it does honestly remind me of the unconscious state. The vast amounts of echo and reverb, the bells and chimes that occasionally pop up, the atonal soloing towards the end of "Archangel" (not to mention all that low chanting in the beginning)...this, to me, is what a nighttime vision sounds like, or should sound like.

Of course, if you've read my dream log (link), you know I never have any dreams that resemble what I just described. Take for instance last night, where I dreamed the giant floating head of Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer was reunited with childhood pal Spanky McFarland on the deck of a sinking fisherman's boat. I think it was part of a movie or television show. Can't remember if I was actually on the boat or not. All I could hear was, "Spanky? Is that you?"

I've been meaning to move the dream log over to blogspot. It's on my list of technical things to do, which includes redesigning and making the GSWSP slightly more user-friendly. The latter is at the top of my list.

Big news to be revealed later today. Stay tuned.


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