Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Artoo Zombies



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Walk Among Us, the 1982 Misfits album that gave the world such horror punk classics as "I Turned into a Martian," "Astro Zombies," and "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" Interesting fact: the drummer on this album was Arthur Googy, who was eventually kicked out of the band for either A) buying two cheeseburgers at McDonald's instead of the one he was allotted by Danzig or B) admitting that, if he could, he would fellate himself on a regular basis. Even more interesting fact: following his stint in the Misfits, Googy would appear in a number of big-time television commercials, including one for Mickey D's rival Burger King. I bet he got all the cheeseburgers he wanted that day (although self-fellatio probably still eluded him).


- "All Hell Breaks Loose" begins roughly the same time as the Imperial invasion.

- A stormtrooper falls over at the same time the "rrrraaaauggh!" is heard in "All Hell Breaks Loose."

- The line "evil is as evil does" coincides with a shot of Darth Vader.

- The first "go!" in "Nike-a-Go-Go" coincides with C-3PO getting into the escape pod.

- The "go!" at the end of "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" coincides with the one Jawa motioning for the tube to go back up into the sandcrawler.


Ever heard of that Misfits parody band the Misfats? They're four fat guys who dress up like the Misfits and sing Misfits songs with lyrics about food instead of demons and junk. For example, "20 Eyes" is "20 Pies." Hilarious, right? Well, those guys stole that idea from me and my friends. Granted, we only ever talked about Misfits food parody songs in the confines of my 1994 Toyota Tercel as we drove around the outskirts of Orlando on balmy Summer nights, but even so...it was our friggin' idea!

Sigh. Early bird catches the worm, I guess. Well, for posterity's sake, here's some of our ideas. Misfats, if you're reading this, what's below is now yours for the taking (if you haven't already thought of these brilliant ideas):

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Grill Tonight?
Devil's Chophouse
Night of the Living Bread
Astro Zingers
I Turned into a Marshmallow
Hollywood Baby Ruth
Where Eagles Dine
London Broil
Fry, Fry My Darling
Death Comes Roasting
Preheat at 138
Last Carcass
Some Kinda Ham

Around the time we came up with all of these, we also penned an amazing parody of Black Flag's "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" called "Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy," about Kimmy Gibbler, the neighbor on "Full House." I'm telling you, the world is lucky we got distracted by girls, chocolate, and Brit-coms.


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Blogger Alotta Fagina said...

Dude, you have far too much time on your hands.

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Anonymous IrishPitBull NYC said...

Kid you have it wrong about Arthur Googy from the Misfits... Danzig was a Closet Nazi loser that disowned his whole band in 83 and hated arthur for telling him to stop contolling the money he gave to band members. Your information is based on pathetic rumor and regarding the commercials that is also wrong. Before posting nformation that you recive from unverifiable resources, try finding out what actually occured and consider Danzig's reputation for being a controlling bastard that left his band with all the rights and didn't allow Jerry to use the name until over a decade later and many law suits. Googy was the best Drummer the Misfits ever had and considering he worked on their best alnum "walk Among Us" and 12 Hits from Hell, he deserves more respect.

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