Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cool News/Not-So-Cool News

Cool news: I was interviewed today by Michael Bentley of The Bad Religion Podcast (link). Mike asked me about the origins of the GSWSP, what lead me to trying Bad Religion albums, and what I'll do once I find that one unique album that completely synchs up with Star Wars. The podcast featuring the JG2 Q&A sesh should be posted Wednesday, he said. I'll post a reminder when it's up.

Not-so-cool news: the original unaltered Star Wars films are still coming to DVD this September as unrestored, non-anamorphic bonus features pacakaged with the 2004 versions. Lucasfilm has had nothing more to say since their press release two weeks ago in which they stated there are no plans to ever restore the pre-Special Edition trilogy. Continued fan complaint has swayed George Lucas not, apparently. I guess once you release a movie that makes over $400 million dollars despite being cited as the biggest disappointment of the last millennium, you stop caring what other people think.

I was referring to The Phantom Menace there, by the way. Just in case you were thinking of some other really shitty, disappointing movie directed by George Lucas in the late nineties.

The Cold War is back on. I am officially bummed.


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