Friday, June 16, 2006

The Corellian Guy



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


The soundtrack to The Cable Guy, the 1996 comedy that pitted Jim Carrey's desperate loner against Matthew Broderick's guarded everyman. I saw it in the theater three times. Go ahead, laugh at me, I'm used to it. The soundtrack is littered with post-Nirvana grunge droppings from the likes of Jerry Cantrell, Silverchair, and Filter. Carrey's performance of "Somebody to Love" from the film is also included, complete with faux concert ramblings ("don't eat the green acid - that's for the bass player!"). Worth your coppers if you happen upon it in the zero to six dollar price range.


- The phrase "save me" is repeated in "Leave Me Alone" as numerous Rebel soldiers are seen being shot aboard the Tantive IV.

- The line "I need to get out, something's wrong around here" in "Blind" coincides with C-3PO walking through the desert alone.

- The line "he cannot see, he's blind" in "Blind" is heard at the exact moment R2-D2 stops rolling through the canyon to look over in the direction of the Jawa hiding behind the rock; the Jawa ducks down and R2 can't see him, so he rolls forward.

- Right after the synch described above, "Blind" goes into a fast part. This fast part ends at the same time R2 falls over after being shot by the Jawa.

- The line "threw the poor boy out into the street" in "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" coincides with Luke waving the broken R5-D4 away.

- The spacy noise at the beginning of "Satellite of Love" coincides with the appearance of Princess Leia's hologram in Obi-Wan's home.

- Luke and Uncle Owen are seen conversing at the table as the line "the end of the world is coming" is heard in "Satellite of Love." The end of Owen's world is coming; the next time we see him, he's nothing but a charred corpse.

- The camera is on Obi-Wan as the phrase "an old G" is heard in "The Last Assassin."

- The line "I should have seen this coming" in "This Is" coincides with Admiral Motti being Force-choked by Vader after ragging on the Sith Lord.

- The final line of "Hey Man, Nice Shot" ("I'd say, 'hey man, nice shot'") coincides with Obi-Wan slicing off Dr. Evanzan's arm in the cantina.


Well, there was some downright neat stuff in this one. Another unexpected treat. Yay, Cable Guy.

I'm thinking Beastie Boys for next week. I've done a few experiments before with the Beasties, none of which were totally off the chain. Lemme think about it and I'll get back at you later with a schedule.


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