Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dewbacks '88



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


November-Coming-Fire by Samhain, the landmark release that dared to fuse goth punk with goth metal. Oh, that Danzig. A musical soothsayer if ever there was one. He even predicted the fusion of rap and rock years before it happened. Check out this quatrain he wrote during his two years in Paris: "And lo, the crossfader shall meet with the Gibson on the battlefield; the results shall render man and woman speechless."


- A cymbal crash in "In My Grip" coincides with the door on the Tantive IV exploding into flames.

- The line "mother of mercy" in "Mother of Mercy" coincides with the first shot of Princess Leia.

- The line "let the worlds collide" in "Let the Day Begin" is heard as the Jawa pops out and shoots R2-D2.

- A cymbal crash in "Let the Day Begin" coincides with the spark that is seen as the Jawa affixes the restraining bolt to R2-D2.


November-Coming-Fire? More like Album-Synching-Not! Am I right? AM I RIGHT? But seriously, what is up with Danzig's hair in the picture on the back cover? It's like, I've heard of trying to cover up acne before, but that's just ridiculous! Hey Danzig, it's called Clearasil — LOOK INTO IT! Here's an idea — stop lifting weights for two seconds and WASH YOUR FACE!

I hope you guys come visit me in the hospital after Danzig reads this, comes to my house, shoves me, and then breaks my leg when he falls on it after some unknown fat guy magically appears and knocks him out.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist making another Tuba City reference. While we're on the subject, what kind of name is Tuba City for a rock club anyway? I came here to see rock music, not a bunch of tubas! Am I right? AM I RIGHT?????


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