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Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


The Ghostbusters soundtrack. If there were no Star Wars, I would have written a book called Ghostbusters Ruined My Life. Additionally, this blog would be the Great Ghostbusters Synchronicity Project, and my biggest entertainment-related gripe right now would be Sony's shoddy treatment of the two Ectomobiles (they're just sitting on their backlot, rotting away!). Truth be told, I may be more dorked about the boys in gray than Luke Skywalker. Proof? I've never written any Star Wars fan fiction, but last year I began work on my own version of Ghostbusters 3. It follows the basic plot elements that Aykroyd and Ramis have spoken about in interviews, in case you're wondering.


- The first shout of "Ghostbusters!" in "Ghostbusters" coincides with the appearance of the Star Wars logo.

- In "Ghostbusters," every single chord change in one of the "I ain't afraid of no ghost" bridges (I'm not sure if it's the first or the second) coincides with an edit in the film. That is to say, every single time a note changes, the film cuts to a different image of either C-3PO, R2-D2, or the Rebel troops mobilizing.

- The phrase "big mean local ghost" in "Cleanin' Up the Town" is heard as Darth Vader makes his first appearance.

- The line "stepped right in and got down to the point" is heard in "Cleanin' Up the Town" as the one stormtrooper walks into the open area of the Tantive IV where Vader is choking the Rebel guy to tell him that the Death Star plans are not on the ship.

- The ragtime breakdown in "Cleanin' Up the Town" coincides with Princess Leia's capture; most of the edits in this scene synch up with chord sequence changes in the song.

- The line "looks like you've lost control" in "Savin' the Day" is heard as the camera is on Princess Leia, who has been captured and is being yelled at by Vader.

- The line "you can't run away if you where to go" in "Savin' the Day" is heard as C-3PO is seen walking out of the escape pod on Tatooine, unsure of where he is going.

- C-3PO turns to look at R2-D2, who is going in the opposite direction, and asks where he's going as the line "don't go" is heard in "Savin' the Day."

- The spark that ignites when the Jawa affixes the restraining bolt to R2-D2 coincides with a cymbal crash in "In the Name of Love."

- The line "I know it's worth it all to spend my life with you" in "I Can Wait Forever" coincides with a shot of C-3PO and R2-D2 aboard the sandcrawler (Threepio and Artoo do spend their lives together; they are the only characters who appear in all six Star Wars films).

- R2-D2 begins hobbling towards C-3PO after their initial separation following the robot auction as the last chorus of "I Can Wait Forever" is heard; it looks as if R2 is singing this to C-3PO, who slowly turns around to look at the singing, hobbling droid.

- Uncle Owen says, "that hermit's just a crazy old wizard" as the line "I believe it's magic" is heard in "Magic."

- The first ghostly noise in the Ghostbusters main title theme coincides with the first shot of the Tusken Raiders (who are very spooky-looking).

- Another weird, otherworldly noise is heard in the main title theme as Luke spies the banthas in the canyon.

- The brass swells in the main title theme as the Tusken Raider leaps up and attacks Luke.

- As Obi-Wan appears over the hill, chimes are heard in the main title theme.

- "Dana's theme" begins as Luke comes to in the Jundland Wastes and sees Obi-Wan.

- Obi-Wan's line about life before the "dark times" coincides with the spooky beginning of the intrumental version of "Ghostbusters."

- Princess Leia's hologram appears at the beginning of the second verse of the instrumental version of "Ghostbusters" and disappears at the end of the second chorus; somehow, the music seems to fit the mood of the scene, particularly after Obi tells Luke he needs to come to Alderaan and Luke reacts just as the "bustin' makes me feel good" part starts.

- Darth Vader begins to Force-choke Admiral Motti just as the music stops in the instrumental version of "Ghostbusters"; Vader releases Motti from the Force-choke when the weird, low noise that follows the music stops.


Uh, okay, who saw this coming? No one? Alright, that's what I thought.

I can't begin to tell you how blown away I am by this. The Ghostbusters soundtrack practically reads like a list of artists I'd never try here otherwise - The Thompson Twins, Air Supply, Mick Smiley, etc. Yet here they are, together and synching up with Luke and the droids like it's nobody's business. It's surprises like these that put grease in my garter and make this whole damn project worthwhile.

Now, if I get the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack, I could devote an entire week to the incidental music surrounding Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston. I could do the first movie's soundtrack again with Empire and Jedi, and GB2 with all three to round it out. I'll just add that idea to the ever-expanding list of future GSWSP themes.

Hey, did I ever show you the picture of me in front of the Ghostbusters firehouse?

Angela and I went inside and the firefighters were really nice. They had the GB2 sign and a bunch of photos from the making of the films. As you can see, I was very excited afterwards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ecto-1 was semi restored just rensently and I should know cause I own a famous Ectomobiles site. I need to update it(Been busy with misc projects)but check it out at www.geocities.com/ectomobiles and once again I need to update it.

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Blogger tervin said...

You look straight up Sopranos in that picture with just a hint of GB fanboy.


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