Friday, June 09, 2006

Hoth of Glass



The Empire Strikes Back (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Blondie's Greatest Hits, released in 2002. I think Blondie has more hits compilations than actual albums. It sure seems that way. They all have "Call Me" on them, including this one, which was the number one song in the country on May 21, 1980 (the day The Empire Strikes Back was released). All the other famous Blondie ditties are present here as well: "One Way or Another," "Dreaming," "Rapture," "The Tide is High," "Heart of Glass," etc. Even the lesser knowns are instantly recognizable. They really churned out the gold, that Blondie.


- The first chorus of "Call Me" coincides with Luke talking to Han on his wristband.

- The line "mon chéri" in "Call Me" coincides with the first shot of Princess Leia.

- The phrase "I fear I'm losing you" in "Heart of Glass" is heard as Han is seen searching the frozen Hoth tundra for Luke.

- Darth Vader interrupts the coversation the Imperial dudes are having about Hoth as the line "then you'd step in" is heard in "X Offender."

- The line "I'm in the phone booth" in "Hanging on the Telephone" coincides with a shot of Vader in his little isolation chamber.


New rule: I should probably stay away from any band that writes excessively goopy love songs. That kinda thing just doesn't translate to synchronization (at least not with Star Wars).

If I can bring up high school for the second day in a row, I knew this kid back then who worked on a movie with Debbie Harry. He said she was still really attractive in person and very nice. Don't remember what movie it was, but I don't think this kid was in it. I think he was just a gopher, fetching the actors water and junk.

That was over a decade ago, of course. If the photos and interviews I've been seeing of Deb lately are any indication, she's completely hit or miss these days. She's either looking really great or like death warmed over. I just hope she doesn't totally hag out like Bettie Davis or somebody. That would be sad.

Not that looks are everything, children. You know that. It's just a little heartbreaking when you wake up one day and see someone who looks like Anne Ramsey on TV claiming to be your former celebrity crush. Kind of like passing roadkill on the Interstate.

Man, I was totally channeling a gay male fashion designer right there.


Blogger tervin said...

God, you are so right about Blondie and the massive amounts of hits compilations. My favorite is one I picked up for just a few dollars that also has Pat Benatar songs on it. It was a sweet deal.

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