Thursday, June 08, 2006

Love Me Like A Rebel

Hey, guess what? The episode of the Bad Religion Podcast featuring moi has been posted (link to BRP website; link to actual podcast). Download it and listen to me ramble on like the old guy at your local diner.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's do the normal thing.



The Empire Strikes Back (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Ace of Spades by Motörhead. Released November 8, 1980. The apex of the British metal trio's recorded output. Total classic from start to finish, although the album as a whole is often overshadowed by the legendary title track. It's true, "Ace of Spades" the song is the greatest piece of music to come out of Thatcher's England, rivaled by absolutely nothing then, now, or ever, but newcomers should resist the temptation to endlessly repeat it on their CD players and iPods without giving the rest of the disc a chance. It's really good, I swear.


- The line "I knew I'd have to fight you, baby, when I first layed eyes on you" in "Love Me Like A Reptile" is heard as Luke watches the Imperial probot land on Hoth.

- Princess Leia is looking at Han from across the Echo Base control room as the line "you know I got my eye on you" is heard in "Love Me Like A Reptile" (she turns away and the camera cuts to Han during the "eye on you" part).

- The Rebel soldiers are warning Han not to go out in the blizzard to look for Luke as the line "it's suicide" is heard in "Shoot You in the Back."

- The line "you gotta believe in your star" in "Live to Win" coincides with Luke closing his eyes and getting in touch with his Force powers while in the Wampa's cave.

- The line "I know you like it fast and loose" in "Fast and Loose" is heard as we see the snowspeeders looking for Han and Luke flying rather fast and in a loose formation.

- The line "another word I learned to say" in "(We Are) The Road Crew" coincides with Leia shouting "nerf herder" at Han.

- The feedback in "(We Are) The Road Crew" is heard as the Rebels are listening to the Imperial probot's transmission; it looks like they are hearing the feedback.

- "Fire, Fire" starts as the probot bursts into flames.

- Darth Vader says, "That's it! The Rebels are there, and I'm sure Skywalker is with them!" as the line "there ain't no doubt" is heard in "Fire, Fire."

- The line "come on home with me" in "The Chase is Better Than the Catch" coincides with Han trying to get Leia to come with him to the Millennium Falcon.

- Lemmy says, "alright!" in "The Chase is Better Than the Catch" as an Imperial walker is seen exploding.

- Lemmy screams in "The Chase is Better Than the Catch" as the Empire blows up the Rebel's shield generator.

- The pick slide in "The Hammer" coincides with a shot of steam shooting out of some vent inside the Millennium Falcon.


Okay, now I want to try more Motörhead. They'll be getting their own week soon. Can't wait to try Overkill. I always think about the assault on the Death Star when I listen to the title track on that one. That's because in high school I desperately wanted to do that for a music video project in TV Productions class — edit the assault on the Death Star to "Overkill." Never got a chance, though. I was too busy making fake commercials for Big Lots featuring the Ramones and helping construct a blue screen out of construction paper for Jeremy Lacorte's masterpiece "Time Traveling Morons."

I acted in "Time Traveling Morons," too, but I don't like to talk about it. The whole thing was kind of a disaster. Shooting began before the script was finished, and there was some confusion about how the film should end. Assistant director Lee Wright wanted the Morons to be trapped in an apocolyptic future landscape for all eternity, whereas Jeremy insisted the final scene take place on the set of "The Price is Right." I don't recall what we actually shot, but it was a total rush job that insulted anyone who invested any kind of emotion in our characters.

I distanced myself from the team of Wright and Lacorte after that, prefering to spend the class period in the editing bay alone. I'd watch Run-D.M.C. videos and sip warm Surge, thinking about all the girls I liked who would never go out with me. I often thought about sneaking back at night and making that small enclosure my new home, but the absence of running water always discouraged me. That was a rough time in my life.

Oh man, I just remembered I had this awesome Wendy's shirt back then. It was red with the logo in yellow on the front, and it said something about Orange City on the back. Some girl I liked who did go out with me in college stole it. By that I mean I gave it to her on the condition that she'd give it back to me if and when we broke up. Of course, that condition was unspoken, because I seriously thought we were connecting on some metaphysical level where all we had to do was look at one another to communicate.

I can be a dope sometimes.


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