Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mother, Tell Your Jawas Not to Walk My Way

My good friend Freedom Johnson commented today that the general public has been "silently awaiting" an entire week of Glenn Danzig-related albums here on the GSWSP. Who am I to disappoint the (apparently mute) general public?

6/26: Misfits - Static Age
6/27: Misfits - Walk Among Us
6/28: Samhain - Initium
6/29: Samhain - November-Coming-Fire
6/30: Danzig - Danzig

Yes, all with Star Wars. That's just how I gotsta roll.

To all you folks out there silently awaiting "Rap Attack 2," "Super Sounds of '83," or any one of the other bajillion themes I've mentioned previously, please, be patient. All I have at my disposal is the public library, a small circle of friends (most of whom have the same musical tastes as I), and my own personal CD collection. It may take some time, but your theme will come.


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