Monday, June 05, 2006

Rock n' Roll Hoth School



The Empire Strikes Back (1995 "Faces" VHS).


End of the Century by the Ramones. Released in February of 1980. The infamous collaboration with Phil Spector that failed to bring the Ramones the commercial success they hoped to achieve. Perhaps hiring a wig-wearing, gun-toting alcoholic wasn't the best move on their part. Then again, the flawed partnership did produce some truly stellar moments ("Do You Remember Rock n' Roll Radio?," "Danny Says," and "I Can't Make It On Time," to name a few). The handful of bizarre stories that arose from the recording sessions were very entertaining as well. Spector, stop pointin' that gun at my bass player!


- "I'm Affected" starts as Luke's Tauntaun bristles seconds before the Wampa attack.

- Twice the line "I want you by my side" in "I'm Affected" coincides with Princess Leia looking at Han in the control room of Echo Base.

- The line "thinkin' 'bout you and me, and you and me" in "Danny Says" coincides with Luke closing his eyes inside the Wampa cave and using the Force to "think" his lightsaber into his hand.

- The last "go!" in "Let's Go" is rings out at Han exits Luke's room after the bust up with Leia.

- The line "baby, I love you" in "Baby I Love You" coincides with Chewbacca hugging Luke beneath the Millennium Falcon.

- The line "don't give up without a fight" in "This Ain't Havana" coincides with the Rebel soldiers lining up in the trench before the Hoth battle; that line is heard again as the snowspeeders take flight against the Imperial walkers.

- The phrase "things blow" in "All the Way" coincides with one of the snowspeeders blowing up; moments later "explode" is heard as Luke's snowspeeder is crippled by Imperial walker gunfire.


Other titles I considered for this experiment:

Darthy Says
Chinese Hoth
The Return of Vader and Judy
All the Way (to Dagobah)

I stand by my final decision.


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