Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Root Darth



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Ill Communication by the Beastie Boys. Contains "Sabotage," the most exciting and cool song released by a major label act during my formative teenage years. The accompanying video was tits, too. The most perfect pairing of sound and image I've ever seen on MTV. The rest of the album is kinda...well, let's put it this way: I'm pretty sure this experiment marks only the second time I've listened to it the whole way through.


- The line "down, down" in "Root Down" coincides with R2-D2 falling over after the Jawa shoots him.

- C-3PO hits R2 on the dome as the last chord of "Sabotage" sounds.

- In "Get It Together," the line "she's the cheese" is heard as we see Aunt Beru; the camera then cuts to Luke for the next line, "and I'm the macaroni."

- A cymbal crash in "Sambrosa" coincides with Luke popping off R2's restraining bolt.

- "The Update" starts as Luke walks into the kitchen area of the Lars homestead and begins talking about how he thinks R2 is stolen.

- The line "alright, I gotta get back" in "Alright Hear This" is heard as Luke stops walking in the Jundland Wastes and turns around, realizing that he has to help C-3PO.

- The violin solo in "Eugene's Lament" begins as Princess Leia's hologram appears.

- The intense violin ending of "Eugene's Lament" plays as Princess Leia's hologram fades out and Obi-Wan and Luke sit in stunned silence.

- Ponda Baba shoves Luke as one of the brief guitar chords sounds right before the breakdown in "Heart Attack Man."

- Dr. Evanzan makes his appearance as the breakdown in "Heart Attack Man" begins.

- Greedo's charred corpse hits the table in the cantina at the same time a whooshing noise is heard in "The Scoop."

- The weird, clunky drum noises in "Bodhisattva Vow" are heard as Grand Moff Tarkin reveals to Princess Leia that the Death Star's first target will be Alderaan.


For reasons that are really too boring to get into, I've been using a different stereo this week for the experiments. After fiddling with my regular unit today (please children, stop giggling), I discovered that the stereo I've been using this week lags for about a second even when you pause the CD before it starts. I couldn't believe it. That means all the synchs in Root Darth, Looking Down the Barrel of a Gonk, and Licensed to Ill (on Hoth) are about a second off.


I don't think this affects the lyrical synchs too much, but any percussive or musical synchs are probably out the window. I'm not going to do these experiments over again, because we're only talking about a second here, but I will post a disclaimer on all three very soon. Man, talk about aggravation. I'm more frustrated than Britney Spears over here. I'm cryin', y'all!


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