Monday, June 26, 2006

Theme For A Jawa



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Static Age by the Misfits. Recorded in 1978, unreleased until 1996, worshipped by yours truly since 1998. I'm using the box set version here, in case you were wondering, which does not include "She," "Spinal Remains," or "In the Doorway."


- "Static Age" ends as the opening crawl begins to fade away.

- "T.V. Casualty" starts right as the camera pans down after the opening crawl.

- The line "hold on, I think I have to puke" in "T.V. Casualty" is heard as we see the droids reacting to the massive explosion that rocks the Tantive IV.

- The "voices" at the end of "T.V. Casualty" begins at the same time the Imperials and the Rebels begin firing at one another.

- Darth Vader is onscreen both times the phrase "maggots in the iron lung" is heard in "Some Kinda Hate."

- The line "I got something to say" in "Last Caress" is heard as C-3PO tells R2-D2 he's not getting into the escape pod.

- The guitars in "Hybrid Moments" begin at the same exact moment C-3PO kicks R2-D2 on the surface of Tatooine.

- R2-D2 stops rolling through the canyon to look over at the Jawa at the same moment the first chord is heard in "We Are 138."

- The line "we need no introduction" is heard in "Teenagers From Mars" as the droids are reunited aboard the sandcrawler.

- The line "we want, we need, we take it" in "Teenagers From Mars" coincides with the stormtroopers searching the desert for the droids.

- The phrase "little angelfuck" in "Angelfuck" coincides with a shot of Princess Leia's hologram.

- C-3PO hits R2-D2 at the same moment the last chord is heard in "Angelfuck."

- The line "you can't come inside" in "Hollywood Babylon" coincides with Luke walking inside the Lars homestead, leaving the droids in his room/garage (obviously, they can't come inside, probably because they aren't allowed).

- Luke is seen walking outside after the argument with his uncle as the line "can't believe the things that you say to me" is heard in "Attitude."


This one was too cool for school. Or should I say too ghoul? Oh, I'm a regular Zacherley over here!

Extra freak factor: "We Are 138," arguably the most popular song on Static Age, was allegedly inspired by THX-1138, the first film George Lucas ever made. Ironically, George Lucas has probably never even heard of the Misfits and wouldn't know Glenn Danzig if he got knocked out on his front lawn.

There, I made the Tuba City reference. Now we can all get on with our lives. The stupidity of a faux-satanist in his fifties should not take away from the brilliance that same faux-satanist spearheaded in his twenties and thirties.

Moving on...I should try this with the other version of Static Age one time, just to see if I get more synchs. You never know. "Spinal Remains" could be a goldmine.


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