Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Whip It (the Empire)



The Empire Strikes Back (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Freedom of Choice by Devo. Released July of 1980. Features Devo's biggest hit ever, "Whip It." The other eleven songs? They can right fuck off! No, I'm teasing. There are a couple of really good tunes in addition to "Whip It." Of course, there are also a couple of really blah tunes, and a couple that sound like the soundtrack to a bargain bin Nintendo game. That's, what, eight songs? The remaining five, they can right fuck off!


- The line "two tracks in the snow" is heard in "Snowball" as Han is seen riding his Tauntaun through the blizzard on Hoth.

- A cymbal crash in "Freedom of Choice" coincides with Han losing his balance in the snow.

- "That's Pep" is playing when the Rebel soldiers in Echo Base celebrate the destruction of the Star Destroyer.


When a movie come along, you must synch it! If something's going wrong, don't try to fix it! I just made that up. Utter brilliance, I know.

Now I'm gonna do something that's long overdue. Ever since I started the GSWSP, a handful of people have been mad generous in hooking me up with CDs for my experiments. I'd be a fool if I didn't stop everything right now and drop total respect to these kind, supportive individuals.

Michael Poley, Robert McWhorter, Sheila Scoville, Andrew McMahon, Shane Bales, Chris Shields, Jon Clayton, Angela Meeks, Brad Meeks, and Matt Whiting: you are the bomb hizzy. I wouldn't have been able to rock this thing they way I have without you. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

If I've forgotten anyone, I'll be mortified. Please, remind me if you're stranded in the Forbidden Zone of my memory. I will rescue you post haste.

Also, I gotta give a big, messy thank you to all the regular GSWSP readers, especially the ones who leave me comments. It fills my heart with joy to know you're digging the craziness I'm layin' down. I love all of you.

Okay, enough of this huggy-kissy crap. I need to go eat me a steak and wash it down with some sasparilla. Tarnation!


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