Monday, July 24, 2006

Break the Gonk



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Destruction by Definition by the Suicide Machines. Blew up in the '96 season thanks to the radio hit "No Face." All the kids I ran with in high school had a copy of this CD. Not me, though. Ska-punk was never my scene. Nowadays, I can handle it in small doses; back then, it was my kryptonite.


- The line "look around, all I see are people sho don't understand unity" in "S.O.S." coincides with the exchange of laser fire between the Tantive IV and the star destroyer that is pursuing it.

- The line "we need help" in "S.O.S." coincides with a shot of the droids trying to escape the madness aboard the Tantive IV (which is under attack).

- The line "we need help" is heard again as the Rebel soldiers are in their positions, looking up at the ceiling with dread as the star destroyer sucks them up.

- One of the last, really empassioned "we need helps!" is heard as three Rebel soldiers are seen running down a corridor, trying to evade Imperial gunfire.

- The "ah ya ya ya" in "Break the Glass" that sounds like the speaker is choking or gargling coincides with a shot of the Rebel soldier being choked by Darth Vader.

- The phrase "insane" in "No Face" coincides with a shot of Vader.

- The droids are seen wandering alone in the desert as the line "is anybody out there, does anybody know?" is heard in "No Face."

- The phrase "the world's a scary place" is heard in "Islands" as a group of Jawas is seen reacting to something that clearly frightens them, as they run for cover behind the sandcrawler.

- Luke is seen lying unconscious on the ground as the line "fucked up on the inside" is heard in "Inside/Outside."

- The line "you know you make me wanna say so long" in "So Long" coincides with Luke suddenly reacting to Obi-Wan's suggestion that he accompany him to Alderaan (the gist of which is, "Piss off, I gotta go home now").

- The line "shut your fuckin' mouth" is heard in "I Don't Wanna Hear It" as Tarkin and Vader walk into the Death Star conference room, silencing the arguing Imperials.


Had more than a feeling a lot of "S.O.S." would synch up. That's pretty much the reason I chose to do this CD. I glanced at the back cover and had this crazy hunch. Too bad the rest of it didn't pan out.


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