Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Break Ya Restraining Bolt



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Genesis by Busta Rhymes, the rapper's 2001 effort noted for such tracks as "Break Ya Neck" and "Pass the Courvoisier." Not as inspired as some of his previous works, but still worth a copper or two. Hey, it beats the pants off of anything LL Cool J's done in the past decade.


- Someone says, "movin' right along" during the intro as the Tantive IV is seen trying to evade the star destroyer.

- The phrase "knock any motherfucker who gets in the way of the power move" is heard in the intro as the star destroyer is seen firing upon the Tantive IV.

- The phrase "let's go, let's go" is heard during the intro as the droids are seen moving quickly through the Tantive IV corridor.

- The line "havin' these devils watching me" in "Shut 'Em Down 2002" coincides with a shot of the Jawas hiding in a cave, watching R2-D2.

- The phrase "hold up" is heard in "Betta Stay Up in Your House" as C-3PO taps Luke on the shoulder to tell him about R2-D2 after R5-D4 malfunctions.

- The line "now we sittin'" in "We Got What You Want" coincides with Obi-Wan sitting down on the rock as he reacts to hearing his name.

- "Give it away now" is repeated in "Break Ya Neck" as Obi-Wan takes out the lightsaber to give to Luke.


Fresh out the gate, it seemed like a lot, then the crazy synchs just dried up like snot! Yes, I am the fresh rhyme master, the San Francisco earthquake was a goddamn disaster!


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