Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Darth Forever



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Orgasmatron by Motörhead, the 1986 album that delivered prime cuts such as "Deaf Forever," "Claw," and "Doctor Rock." Might have benefited from a more stable mix (I thought there was something wrong with my headphones when I first put it on), but a good solid chunk of rock nonetheless. Total shocker: the title track isn't about sex, it's about religion.


- The line "cold embrace" is heard in "Deaf Forever" as the Tantive IV is "embraced" by the star destroyer (i.e. swallowed up into its underbelly).

- C-3PO is criticizing R2-D2's decision to get into the escape pod as the line "you make me laugh, you make me sick" is heard in "Nothing Up My Sleeve."

- "Ain't My Crime" starts as Princess Leia is brought to Darth Vader and given a chance to refute the charges against her.

- The line "I don't believe your lies" in "Ain't My Crime" is heard as Darth Vader is seen calling Princess Leia out on her lies.

- The camera is on Darth Vader as the line "I'm a lowlife, born and bred, and I don't give a damn" is heard in "Ain't My Crime."

- The line "watchin' me watchin' you" is heard in "Claw" as we see R2-D2 roll through the canyon from the Jawa's perspective.

- R2-D2 is rolling up to the spot where he gets shot as the line "he's got you where he wants you" is heard in "Claw."

- Right after C-3PO smacks R2-D2 on the dome inside the sandcrawler, the little droid wakes up and the lines "open your eyes, who's there, who's there?" are heard in "Mean Machine."

- The camera is on Obi-Wan, who is talking to Luke, as the line "I'll lead you to your destiny" is heard in "Orgasmatron."


I laughed out loud at the "lowlife" synch with Vader in "Ain't My Crime." So fitting. The R2 "who's there?" and Obi-Wan "destiny" synchs were pretty rockin', too. I might go so far as to label them totally rockin', because that's just the kind of guy I am (an idiot who still measures things by how "rockin'" they are).


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