Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Evildarthers Beware



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Evildoers Beware! by Mustard Plug. Another album courtesy of a ska band that saw their professional peak sometime in the late nineties. These guys are still plugging away, though (pun so intended). I guess you can make some decent cheddar touring with ska in this country. Too bad I never learned to play alto sax.


- The line "though I try I can never get away" in "Box" coincides with the Tantive IV trying to evade the star destroyer.

- The line "I know there's no escape" in "Box" coincides with a shot of the Rebel soldiers aboard the Tantive IV, nervously awaiting their fate.

- Princess Leia's hologram is onscreen as the line "who will be your guiding light?" is heard in "Jerry."

- R2-D2 looks around the Jundland Wastes as the line "I looked around" is heard in "Sadie May."


Almost as boring as the music on the CD. Sorry, Plugsters, you know I ain't down with what you do. It's nothing personal. That's just (say it with me) HOW I ROLL!!! YAY!!!!

You know, my friend Rob Shields invented the best name for a ska band ever: He-Man versus Skaletor. If you fail to see the brilliance in that, I don't ever want to talk to you.

Sorry if that was harsh. I had a rough day at the office. They're actually giving me work now. That's why the blog posts are going up later. I don't have the time at work anymore because THEY'RE GIVING ME ACTUAL WORK!! HOO-BOY, IMAGINE THAT! Why, you were just knee-high to a june bug the last time I had any work to do!

Okay, this is veering off into uncharted (and very stupid) territory. Time for a nap.


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