Thursday, July 13, 2006

(Han Solo's Gonna) Shut You Down



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


1916, the 1991 Motörhead whose title was undoubtedly the butt of some jokes ("1916? What, is that the year they recorded it? Ha, those guys are OLD!"). Contains the standard Motörhead fare, save the title track, which is a maudlin keyboard-driven tune reflecting upon a young soldier's death in WWI. Truly touching and heartfelt. It almost makes you forget all those pervy songs Lemmy wrote about touching underage girls and punching their fathers!


- A Rebel soldier falls down and dies right after the line "you'll go down" in "I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)."

- The word "die" is heard in "Love Me Forever" as the Jawa shuts off R2-D2 after the robot auction.

- Nearly all of Lemmy's "nananas" in "Angel City" coincide with shots of C-3PO waving his arms and begging Luke not to deactivate him after learning R2-D2 has run away.


What can I say? This was less exciting than your average hour of QVC.

Ah, QVC. How I loved to prank call you during my formative years. Making up fake item numbers, complaining that I never received items that were never for sale, and generally harassing your patient, well-trained operators, none of whom ever threatened or hung up on me (which is more than I can say for those jerks at the Money Store — jerks!). You provided an eleven year old and his giggling friends with hours of entertainment, and I thank you.

Hey, I should call them right now and thank them! That would be funny. Better yet, I should call them from home later so I can record it. Then I can post the hilarious conversation as an MP3 file and become the toast of the Internets! Yay Internets!


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