Friday, July 07, 2006

I Used To Think I Was Darth



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Distortion, the 2005 album from Rev Run, a.k.a. Reverend Run, a.k.a. Joseph "Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo" Simmons of Run-DMC fame. Rev's first solo joint, and a short one at that; there's less than twenty-five minutes of boomin' beats and boisterous bravado on Distortion. Not exactly the most innovative or adventurous outing, but there are moments of excellence. I give it two and a half Chubby Preachers.


- The second plane noise in "I Used To Think I Was Run" coincides with the Tantive IV soaring onscreen.

- Right after the laugh at the beginning of "Home Sweet Home," C-3PO looks up, as if he heard Rev Run's ridiculous cackle.

- The phrase "break time" is heard in "Home Sweet Home" as Vader walks down the Tantive IV corridor with that Imperial guy after ordering Princess Leia to be taken away (this lesuirely stroll seems like a small break for the Dark Lord of the Sith from his never-ending galatic conquest).

- The line "I'm ready to roll" in "Mind on the Road" coincides with Luke nodding towards the Lars homestead after agreeing to take in C-3PO (it looks like Luke is implying that he's "ready to roll" from the Jawa's auction).


I think this is the shortest album I've tried so far. I didn't even realize how brief it was until I popped it in the stereo to start the experiment. So much for my thirty minute minimum rule. Confoundit.

Completey geeked out Star Wars link for the day: WWII X-Wing. Be sure to read all the comments. You think I'm nerdy? You don't know from nerdy.


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