Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Skywalker Built My Hotrod



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Greatest Fits, the Ministry hits collection. You know, Ministry, the hard-hitting industrial band that gets no respect despite having created some of the most brutal, intense music ever put to wax. Can't explain that one. Must be that goofy cowboy hat Al Jourgensen insists on wearing. Come on, Al, that stopped being cool even in an ironic way years ago.


- The actual music in "What About Us?" begins at the same moment the Lucasfilm Logo pops up.

- The line "what about us?" in "What About Us?" coincides with a shot of the droids nervously making their way down the Tantive IV corridor as the battle surrounds them; shortly after this, an alarm noise is heard in the song that is reminiscent of the alarm in the movie (which sounds sometime during that scene).

- The explosion by the escape pod coincides with the end of all the distorted noise in the beginning of "Stigmata."

- Darth Vader points his finger at Princess Leia and accuses her of lying as the phrase "you've run out of lies" is heard in "Stigmata."

- A group of Jawas is seen as the phrase "thieves" is heard in "Thieves."

- C-3PO is seen talking to R2-D2 after the robot auction; the soundclip of the guy saying, "We're gonna rip this motherfucker off, we're gonna tear this motherfucker down!" in "Thieves" coincides with this conversation (it looks like 3PO is saying this to R2 about Luke, who has just walked away).

- The soundclip of some guy saying, "Get up, get on your feet!" is heard in "Thieves" just as Luke kneels down to clean up R2.

- The soundclip of George Bush saying, "A new world order!" is heard repeatedly as the Death Star conference room full of chatting Imperials is shown.

- The cantina band moves in time with "Jesus Built My Hotrod."

- The line "you got something to hide" in "Reload" coincides with a shot of Obi-Wan and Luke in the cantina right after Han Solo alerts them to the stormtroopers who are investigating Obi-Wan's "handiwork" (Obi-Wan and Luke do have something to hide; R2-D2, who is carrying the Death Star plans).

- The line "you say it's time to collect" is heard in "Reload" during the scene where Greedo confronts Han about the money he owes Jabba the Hutt.

- The line "time to settle the score" is heard in "Reload" just seconds after Han unlatches his blaster under the table in order to shoot Greedo.


I went to high school with this disturbingly nice guy named Brian Lewis who was super into Ministry. He really got me interested in them (and alternative music in general), and he also taught me just about everything I ever needed to know about playing the guitar. I don't know if I ever thanked Brian for that, so I'm going to dedicate this blog entry to him.

I know, it's not much, but it's the best I can do right now. I lost touch with B. Lewis (as I like to call him) in 1996. If he comes back into my life tomorrow through the miracle of dumb luck, maybe I can repay him properly by teaching him a trade I'm highly skilled in, such as proofreading or copy editing.


Blogger Felix said...

I can't comment on Ministry except to say that I knew folks in high school who loved them but conceded gracefully to me that I shouldn't listen to them b/c my fragile ears could never stand the strain.

BUT I wanted to ask when might we expect to see you try out some other 70s-80s concept albums in the project (assuming you haven't already?), things like Rush's "2112", Queensryche's "Operation: Mindcrime" (a guilty pleasure, I admit, and one I haven't indulged in since I purchased the album). I wish I knew some others, but again, the breadth of my knowledge is admittedly quite limited. :) Just wanted to make the suggestion ...

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