Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sock Ray Bloo!

This article claims that Fox France has confirmed the original unaltered versions of the Star Wars films slated for release on DVD in September in their country will be anamorphic due to the "justified fan protest" over the initial decision to release them non-anamorphically (not sure if that's an actual word, but also not really caring right now). Here's a translation for all you ig'nant Freedom Fry eaters:

"To comfort the defeat of our France soccer team yesterday evening (which made it possible that the author of these lines won a bet), another type of victory has been brought to our beautiful territory ! The original versions of the first Star Wars trilogy, soon available in RC2, will profit from a 16:9 transfer! We are certain about it, because Fox France confirmed it who perhaps, one may never now, were concerned about the justified fan protests all over the world regarding the 4:3 transfer, and contacted the authorities. And to remain chauvinistic until the end, also let us add that the American discs are not yet scheduled to profit from the same preferential treatment.

"Announced for September 13 in France, these editions will each have two DVD's: one for the 2004 versions, the other for the original versions (1977-1980-1983 respectively). The DVD's of the 2004 versions will be again identical to the version which has been released one and a half year ago, proposing a THX approved film in a 16/9 & 4/3 compatible transfer in the 2.35 format, accompanied Dolby DIGITAL 5.1 EX audio tracks in French and English, and subtitles in the same languages."

The big question is will the American discs "profit from the same preferential treatment?" Most say probably, because it doesn't make sense for Lucasfilm to reward just one country. LF, of course, has yet to comment, but fanboys and girls across the country are waiting with baited breath for next week's San Diego Comic Con when it is expected that someone from the company will say something regarding this latest brouhaha.

Me? Sheesh, I don't know what to make of this DVD mess anymore. Even though I find the French dubious at best, I doubt they'd lie about Star Wars DVDs. Even though I find Lucasfilm dubious at best, I doubt they'd only release anamorphic versions of the OUT in France. Then again, stranger things have happened (Disney's Blank Check only available on Japanese import DVD? WTF?!?!?!)

If it turns out the Stars n' Stripes are getting anamorphic OUT on 9/12/06, great, they listened. That alone might be worth the full retail price they're suggesting. I'll definitely pick the DVDs up at some point and enjoy Star Wars for the first time outside of the VCR realm. If this is just another bullshit Internet rumor (like the one about Urkel committing suicide), I'll curse and I'll curse Al Gore for inventing this stupid means of communication.

That's all I can really say until Comic Con, if anything even comes out there. Hopefully something will. Hopefully something will come out by tomorrow. Or tonight. Or by 1:30 P.M.


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